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What's up players, been away some more so plenty of crap stories to tell, I've even been doing a little bit of work. August is looking like a fun month, for more details see the events diary page. Party on Wayne.

Also look out for my homie D Robinson who just played the part of Jamie 'CUNT' Olivers skateboarding stunt double in the new Sainsburys ad and earnt himself a fat wad.

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Later Foolz




Dark Church Hell, G Money, Dave Carnie, The Bear


JOKE OF THE WEEK: (thanks Bear)

Q: How do you stop a dog humping your leg?

A: Pick him up and suck him off.




Bug Jam : Story coming soon from Agent Elmhawk 1

Tony Hawks Legends of Vert: Possible the biggest media circus ever, skateboarding has got silly, shock result as a new face takes all the honors ( COMING SOON )

Newquay Boardmasters : nicknamed "The Bourbon Games" by all those who attend, free booze all round.

Vans "no home comforts" tour video premiere: I had to hammer it back from Newquay to make this, my big screen debut!

Urban Games: As usual this proved to be a comical day and night out and the weather was amazing. ( STILL NO WORDS )

How to build a ramp: No fucking about, me and the Wingman got the call and the SRRU (Sidcup Rapid Response Unit) went into action.

NASS 2002 : A real extreme fest, girls and roller bladers were abused and Dainton got bundled.

Meanwhile........... Back at the park 3: The annual booze up/skatecomp organised by Thirdplanet

Day in the City: Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool were our destinations, too much driving!

Rampbuilding: R-kade skatepark (Redcar): This was great, i got paid to work and skate at one of my favourite skateparks.

Livi Funday (via Liverpool): This was my first trip to the annual fun day but I reckon I'll be going again.

Oceanfest 2002: Down to Woolacombe for the weekend, drinking, skating and a bit of Bear self destruction.

Rampbuilding: Burham (near Maidstone): My first assignment as ramp building assistant, what a great way to get sun burnt.

Cowboy Theme Night at Spams: Wasn't here for this but it looks great, I heard Fraser went mad there too.

Vans UK Team Tour: All the usual crap:- drunkeness, food fights, fire breathing and kids wanting more stickers. ( STILL NOT FINISHED )

The Long Awaited FLIP Video premiere: Will it live up to the hype? What do you reckon?

Day Out at the seaside for a bunch of special needs kids - Yes correct, this is the story of the Clown/Sabotage demo at Revolution skatepark.

Fat Plumbers Birthday - I missed this due to being in Brighton, my undercover reporter Downlow Matt takes up the story.

Osiris Demo/Crossfire night: Possibly the most 'YO' team in skateboarding arrive in London on the Aftermath tour.

Marseille Trip: The other weekend pretty much the whole of the London Bowlriding community relocated to France, here's some pics.

More snowboarding: various accounts of more snowboarding missions.

Wasted: A joint birthday celebration for Me, Boney G, Tats and Spam. Short story due to memory loss.

Violent Intent: Their last gig at the Woodman before it get turns into some shitty poncey wine bar thing - it rocked.

Volksworld Show 2002: Not a lot to say here because I was busy selling t-shirts, however I got some pics, so have a look anyway.

Soletech Trade Show/Projects Video Premiere: Hadn't seen Chesson for a while, but always enjoy getting drunk with the illest looking man in skateboarding so off to Manchester we went.

Violent Intent: The best band in the history of the world ever!

Southampton/Southsea mini trip: Some ladies we met on the snowboarding trip foolishly invited us down for a party, Slow Ram got busy.

New Years Eve Snowboarding trip 2002: The title for this trip was "Just For Gags", you'll find out why. (main story by Downlow Matt, additional stupid comments by Fat Sidcup, G Money and Ram Raid)




Upcoming events:Lowlife, Tour of the North, more Redcar, Reading Festival, Big Chill, Tony Hawk etc etc



Best of the Massive:

These are some of my favourite stories so far........

Bug Jam 15: Low riders bikes, computer vandalisation, and a jet powered car.

Last Night of Broadstairs Folk Week: We just got our shirts from the printers and were ready to go off the hizza!

Board X 2001: No smart arse comments come to mind about this, just read and smile.

Lowlife Festival, Brighton: Lowrider Bikes, Trikes and Cars along with the usual selection of Hawks - Guest reporter Downlow Matt.

Manchester Trip: This trip had been planned for ages, it was still the usual nightmare. We got wasted though.

Save Our Skatepark: Revolution skatepark may be forced to close, so I did my bit to help by going down there, getting wasted and really hurting myself.

Snowboarding Tignes 2001: Getting the year off to a good start in France, and Manimal didn't even hit me.

Board X 2000: Skateboarding, Alcohol and Strippers make for a good day/night out. (UNMISSABLE PHOTOS)

Meanwhile Back to the Park Jam 2000: Could this have been the last great day of summer?

Reading Festiva 2000: Rain, Mud, Monster Trucks, Grange Hill, Gateaux and The Stag.

Urban Games 2000: Free alcohol proves too much at this gathering of the clan.

Revolution Battle of the Parks Comp 2000: Chesson and I make a run for the coast and come pretty unstuck.

Vans Demo in Croyde 2000: A tale of sun, golden sand and a bunch of drunken monkeys on a holiday camp.

Bank Holiday Weekend in Newquay 2000: Me, Matimal and Chins headed down for the weekend, skated, drank and those two homo's had a queer encounter.

New Years eve Snowboarding Val Thorens 2000: After 2 days in the plumbers van we eventually made it to Val Thorens for a new millenium week of snowboarding.





Mark Brewster: Find out what makes this fool tick, in the deepest probing I've given someone since the last time I saw your mum.

More coming soon. Next candidates Dave Robinson and maybe Fraser "Dreamboat" (his words, not mine) Campbell.


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