Please let me know what you think about these pieces of shit. I myself find it hilarious that you get ridiculed for riding a skateboard over the age of sixteen, yet these gay devices seem to be perfectly socially acceptable. I'm going to try and get some pictures of total c**ts on their scooters. If you can snap one e-mail it to:

Thanks to Parrothead for sending this pic to me and for starting this hate campaign



Luke from my work snapped this picture of Hitler while he was out on his scooter, proving that not only was he responsible for death camps and mass genocide, but he started this trend. Now I really fucking hate him.

He also had this to say:

Just checked out your site (yes I got back from the pub and got bored) and saw the bit about Micro scooters. Ineteresting fact: when I was in Wiltshire recently every in-bred mongoloid cyclops under the age of 35 there had one of these things, in fact several nearly ended up under the wheels of the Beast (aka gay VW polo) as I drove around Devizes town centre. A quick web search in the hope of finding amusing looking types on a scooter revealed a...wait for it...German page selling them: Roughly translated the caption reads: Micro Skate Scooter totally cool progressive movement means for the city center! Mass: 60x10x16cm (LxBxH), weight 2.7kg, high-quality aluminum, Inline Skate wheels, friction brake on rear wheel ...which is about all I have to say, really.

Luke, you really should find better ways to amuse youself, I recommend plenty of watching porn and wanking, but thanks anyway.


F**k knows what this is all about!


Thanks to Jacki for these super cool pictures

(I've got one of those things, except on a skateboard, it does real pisses, I love it!)

Don't ask me, but thanks to Kaz anyway

Whilst fighting a Jihad Bin Laden needs something to whip round town on, this scoot is perfect for the job.

Thanks to Anna Barnard for this extremely convincing pic!


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