Saturday 18th May 2002 saw the birthday of Paul Trivett, aka the fat laughing Plumber from Sidcup town. Celebrations were of course called for and luckily the date coincided with a "Jazz-Drive" drum & bass throw down session by none other than DJ Utah Jazz, the muscular young Dolce & Gabbana wearing brother of Ram Shady. The chosen venue was Eastside the District Bar in Hackney to be precise.

Sidcup/Bexleyheath and surrounding areas were represented by Stu News, Yoshi Naylor, Pea horse, Pete King, Dave Chesson, the Plumber, and associated julies. Tats & Boney were nowhere to be seen as they were making love under canvas at an American car show in the Midlands. North Londons line up included Rich Kirby & the lovely ladies from N21, Spam & Nike (from outer space), Ramraid, Utah and myself from Byng Road Barnet, and Cockfo's finest Van Bo who is from Belgium via Billericay (!). Myself and Mr Chesson were showing great maturity by not drinking and instead choosing to drive our friends to this long lost corner of East London for their enjoyment. Bobby G and his computer powered brother Hugh had a party earlier on in the evening at Rob's penthouse loft in Farringdon EC1, and after nearly an hour of being lost in East Londons terraced streets, the lovely Joanna Kirbys map reading skills finally came through and we arrived at the venue. I had four birds in the back of my Passat, and after I woke them up and blagged the bouncers we-entered and found SE londons finest slightly the worse for wear and bogling around like weebles to the Utahs jazzy beats. As the evening progressed, the tunes started rinsing like a new dishwasher, and dancing became particularly interesting, with Plumber and Yoshi slapping the walls to their favourite sounds. Mr Chesson was being unusually quiet, being constrained by the keys to his motor. By the time Handy C's "Quest" came on, special moves started to appear, with Ram Shady showing the legendary chopper and hair-flick / parting scrape, Stu News was rocking the original 'Back to 92' junglist fashion, Naylor was doing the 'P-I-C' ravey sailors dance, Pea horse was spotted doing a Miami bass dance booty shake, and Van Bo's unique footwork left the dance floor smoking and the crowd in awe.

By 1am, most people had lost a couple of pounds in sweat and put on a few more in Stella, and had stomach ache from laughing so much. Obviously we all forgot it was the Plumbers birthday 'cos we didn't really care anyway. Utah reloaded the new classic "Time to get Grimy" and we all jumped around like Zebedee from magic roundabout until security made us turn off the set.

The Pea Horse, booty bouncing queen.


UTAH JAZZ in the mix

Stu News - Original Junglist

The podgy birthday boy

Blurred vision


Overall a wicked night, which amazingly managed to stay within legal boundaries (I think). If you like drum & bass, live in London and fancy some fun on a Saturday night, the next jazz-drive sessions are on June 1st (White Horse Brixton) and June 15th (District Hackney), and more info is available on or at .

The best thing of all was that on the way home the Passat took me past the best bagel shop in the world in Brick Lane, and I got a cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel. Which was nice.