Parrothead has a lot of time on his hands and recently sent this e-mail out to all the US skatemags:-


Hello. My name is Mark Anthony. I am a professional skateboarder from the baltic islands (Mallorca is my one). I am thinking of making my move to the US in search of greater things to overcome.

However in doing so, I would need to make sure you were interested in dealing with my coverage requirements. If we could set a meeting a few days after my arrival (to deal with the time difference) for the magazines and filmers (seperately, of course), I can start arranging my coverage. You could show me the spots where others have failed and I will overcome them.

Unlike most skateboarders nowadays, I am poficient in Street and Vert skating. I want to appear in the same way many Europeans and Brazillians have recently, as if from nowhere. I fly to San Francisco Intl on the 5th of September from the UK after my short stop there. From then I am free to move around whereever. I look forward to hearing correspondence from you. If the US is the dream I have hoped, then we can all benefit from this experience.

Thank you for your time

Mark Anthony


The only people to bother replying to this shite were not surprisingly Big Brother:



big brother magazine will make your dream of becoming the baltic bob burnquist, or the baltic tom penny, or the baltic bob penny, whatever you like, a reality. we will drop everything we're doing and just follow you around for however long you want us to. we'll even pay you. so call us when you arrive. we'll even dedicate a whole issue to you and call it "baltic brother!" how's that? you rip mark! and we love you! and if you need a sponsorship we have two imaginary board companies in our dreams. one is whale cock skateboards, while the other is a fag company called, west hollywood skates. pick us please. but don't kill us and stuff is in a board bag and bury us in the desert, ok?

-Dave Carnie


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