The year that was 2001:

No Plectrums Please: On the spot report from the air guitar championships. (bit late!)

A Night With...... Third Planet party, and video advert.

Board X: No smart arse comments come to mind about this, just read and smile.

Xscape trip: indoor snowboarding in Milton Keynes, long overdue warm up for the New Years Eve trip!

Manchester Trip: This trip had been planned for ages, it was still the usual nightmare. We got wasted though.

Yate Skatepark Comp: Daytrip to Bristol to watch people go crackers at this sick new park.

Reading Festival: After a never ending mission to get in we arrived in crustyland.

Lowlife Festival, Brighton: Lowrider Bikes, Trikes and Cars along with the usual selection of Hawks - Guest reporter Downlow Matt.

Last Night of Broadstairs Folk Week: We just got our shirts from the printers and were ready to go off the hizza!

UBI: Hot, sweaty, high security monster comp with some of the best skating I've seen for ages

Newquay Surf Festival: Shit weather, good skating, good drinking.

Urban Games: Once again will probably prove to be the best weekend of the year.

Bug Jam 15: Low riders bikes, computer vandalisation, and a jet powered car.

Essential Festival: Vert skating and De La Soul make for a good day out in Hackney.

Meanwhile Back at the Park comp: Serious alcohol casualties in the sun, and some skateboarding too.

SK8 N16 Festival: I didn't know anything about this until Chesson phoned me a few days before, but it turned out just fine!

Red Bull King Of Street: Big cash comp at the Birmingham NEC.

Marseille Trip: Written by guest reporter/illiterate Prawny - sun, sick and plenty of new names for Manimal.

Vans UK Team Tour: What can I say about this, definitely a classic.

First Cornwall Trip of the Year: A tale of Cats Cocks, X and Bass.

Save Our Skatepark: Revolution skatepark may be forced to close, so I did my bit to help by going down there, getting wasted and really hurting myself.

Snowboarding Tignes 2001: Getting the year off to a good start in France, and Manimal didn't even hit me.

The Plumbers Parties: Photos from Fat Bobs legendary parties.



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