I've got a few amusing pikey stories of my own, but here is your chance to share your pikey stories with the world:

This is from someone identified only as 'an angry Kent bird':

"I know of a pikey camp, that the local council favoured, and set aside a good 100,000 to build them a nice toilet block on their bit of claimed wasteland to stop them leaving shit everywhere. Well the builders set to work one week digging holes and preparing foundations, come Friday the builders go home for the weekend. By Monday morning all their equipment has gone, and the large pile of timber ready to build the toilet block with had also gone, and mysteriously, the Pikeys had a brand new shed!!!! So the very pissed off builders never returned to finish the job. Well in the local paper it was the builders that were slated for leaving unfinished work and dangerous holes in the ground, which a Pikey kid had fallen down and hurt himself!! oh dear poor little B**tard, shouldn't be playing on a building site in the first place!!! With Councils and Governments backing people like this, it doesn't exactly make you wonder why this country is viewed as a soft piece of shit, where you can get away with bloody murder!"


This one nearly made me piss myself, from a man called Dazza

"We had a car that weren't being used which was parked on the drive way. Some gypos knocked on the door armed with the thickest gold chain I have ever seen in my life asked if they could have it for stock car racing (classic pikey past time), we weren't using it so said yes but told them we didn't have the keys "that dont fuckin' matter", the first bloke ran up to the window and put his leg thru it once in the car they had to get it started it took three of 'em to twist the cables together then one decided hed bite the wires to get them apart, again the result was an electric shock(if you've never heard a pikey swear then belive me its shockin'). They got the car started and wheel spun it for about 20 seconds and the second pikey was hangin' out tha window shoutin' "Go on chav git sum lump!" (i can't beleive i'm writing this). They sped off and we began to walk back in the house when we heard the biggest bang, they had driven straight into a tree and then into a parked car. All we could see was two fat gypos runnin' their fat arses to a XR2 with their mate in. The old bill came round the next day, they were ok about it but the council charged us 100 to take the wreck away."


u have to put this one on ur site, twas a very funny experience.

These pikey girls came up to me and my friend and started havin' a go at us. I dont know what it was about but it was quite stupid anyway, as the abuse continued to be thrown at us one of the girls said something to me and at the end of the sentence said: "dunnit, no, innit' at this point my friend was on the floor with laughter and I replied: "I dunno, issit?" both the girls were very pissed off and they walked off, as they walked away we noticed they were both wearing exactly the same clothes. it was like they were wearing uniform or something anyway, hope u can put this on ur site somewhere.



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