It's hard for me to be objective about this video, because I was there while the whole thing was filmed. From my point of view (and probably everyone else on the tour) it was like having a video of my holiday, I'll keep my copy and every time I watch it it will remind me of that particular week of my life and how funny it was, definitely a good thing to have.

Hopefully this video will give you the same good feeling, it will take you inside the unsavoury world of the tour. To tell you the truth I was expecting this vid to be a watered down version of events, but no it's all in there, and it's beautiful. In my opinion this is the way skate videos should be, a good mix of comedy and spontaneous skateboarding moments, no set up "stunts", you know, it makes you feel good about being a skater. Most of the stuff in the video was made in the first few attempts, none of that one week to fil m a trick bollocks, featuring some of the UKs best - Emilio Arnanz, Frank Stephens, Danny Wainwright, Marc Churchill aka" Dark Church Hell" etc etc. I guess the main 'performers' are Churchill and Cates, but everyone gets a look in at some point. This video made me feel happy, in the same way as "Streets of Fire" did many years ago, buy it, you'll like it, and it's only cheap.

Is that a good enough review Christian? Do I get a free copy now?



:1: On the way to the cinema in picadilly a drunk guy walked out in front of the car in front of me, it braked, he freaked out and kicked the door in (not cheap on a BMW) and then turned his glare on me. I really wasn't in the mood for bum fighting, so grabbed my trusty hammer off the van floor, as he approached, the plan was hatched in my brain to clock him one on the head and drive off, fortunately he did little more than mouth off at me and stumble off, he never even got within hitting range!

:2: This was my first experience of seeing myself on a cinema screen, it was bizarre to say the least.

:3: After the film we headed off to a pub in Soho, on route the Police randomly stopped a couple of the French Vans riders (in the country for Urban Games)and searched them. On finding the smallest ever bit of hash he was carted off for a night in the cells, in the morning he got to Urban Games and broke his arm on the handrail. Not really a good weekend for him.