Projects Video Premiere/Soletech Trade Show:-

The advantage of being semi unemployed is that when Chesson phones you up to blag a lift to Manchester on a Monday afternoon you are free to go. This is an interesting tale, in that most of the bizarre events of the trip took place in various car parks, please read on:-


Pick up Chesson in Northumberland Heath

Pick up Stevie in Greenwich


Pick up 1.5 Litres of Scotch (leaving present from my job)

Drive for an eternity, or what seems like an eternity due to our smoking schedule.

Realise none of us know the way to Manchester

Stop for a Burger King and laugh at some ghetto superstar with a huge gold bracelet round his ankle and one rolled up trouser leg.

Drive more.

Arrive at wrong hotel and nearly die laughing at some idiot trying to park his car in a space so small that he couldn't get out the car.

Arrive at the right hotel (eventually), (thanks for the directions Mr Chris Cracknell)

Can't fit the van into the multi storey, so wait for hotel staff to come and unlock outdoor car park.

No one appears, lose patience, drive the van up the hotel entrance, through the flower bed and into the car park.

Check into room and hit the scotch with Chesson.

Finish the remains of one bottle and head out to the van to start on the next one.

Get joined by Dave from Addict who is sporting a rather Dukes of Hazzard look.

Jump in the Projects minibus to the premiere.

Hammer more Scotch, start getting into trouble.

Watch video which was good, unfortunately can't remember much of it.

Insult everyones video sections particularly Chesson and Pritchard.

Try to get Charlie from Extreme TV to throw me down some stairs.

Go to another party.

Watch quite a goodfight.

Harrass Munson with cries of "You Mug"

Chesson and Horsely remove bar fittings forcefully, including one which included a neon strip that exploded.

Start to walk back to hotel in the rain.

Chesson demands to get a taxi but once inside claims he has no money.

Go back to the room, but Chesson passes out and I decide I'll get more sleep in the van.

Chesson pukes up in his bed.

I get no sleep in the van due to the hurricane which is blowing outside.

Get up, compare stories from the night before.

Chesson admits to having money the whole time and therefore stitching me up over the cab.

Greasy Northern fry up, head to G Mex.


Casualties of the night before!


Despite getting through the height restriction at the front of the car park we soon discover that the roof gets lower and lower till eventually we get wedged under a sign. We then have to reverse out, ripping a few signs off the ceiling on the way out. Explain to genius NCP staff that it would be a good idea to get a height restrictor that actually represents the height of the ceiling!

Wander round rather boring trade show for a very short time.


Parrothead pulls a comedy stiffy pose


Drive for another eternity.

Get home.

Sleep like a bear in hibernation.

Wake up feeling worse than before.


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