Ok here's the shit about the Violent Intent Gig. Unfortunately there's no photos this time besause I was filming the event for the upcoming Sidcup Massive video release (working title "it's not about where you're from it's about where you're at"). Fuck me I got some good footage, as usual the band were splendid entertainment!

After spending a lovely sunny day dossing around at Meanwhile with G (i couldn't skate because some little fucker took me out at Revolution and fucked all my knee ligaments, nice, just in time for the good weather), we picked up Tats and then Mart from Swanley aka Moondog, aka Shit Cock. Chesson, Stu News, their girlfriends and their crew arrived, got very drunk and very loud. News spent the evening trying to steal my camera and Chesson spent the evening calling us all cunts. There's not a lot I can say about the gig, the band were as good and as entertaining as ever. Highlights included speaker diving, crowd surfing, stage invasion, guest vocalist, etc etc. You'll just have to see it on the video if you weren't there.

Discussions were held about where to go afterwards, I opted to head home for a quick wank and a good nights sleep, Boney G snared Tats back to his lair, Moondog was hyped to go to De Ja Vu for some reason, and Chesson and Stu just wanted to go anywhere there was more booze.

Once we got outside we were confronted with a brawl of reasonably large proportions, Chesson summed it up well with "It looks like Slipnot versus the So Solid Crew". It was impossible for us to work out what was going on, me and G were ready to hit people but we just couldn't work out who the fuck we should have been hitting, even Chesson and Stu didn't manage to get involved. Stuff was getting thrown, people were getting whacked with road signs and little chavy girls were swearing a lot. Eventually it ended up with one guy getting whacked by a load of other people so we decided to be on his side, the chavs were quickly dispersed with a few threats. Here's the e-mail i got explaining what happened:-

"Hullo i was at the violent intent gig at the last Woodman date.......that little skirmish after the gig was started because the silly chav's started saying shit like 'slipknot are shit' and 'eurghh limp bizkit' (their a right brainy bunch aren't they)....so a couple of my mates went up to 'em for some unknown reason and one of me mates that went up there got hit.....a ffew punches were being thrown ad it looked like we were walking away....got upto the cab office to look back and see them back and more people having a go....i go back down and everyone seem's to be walking away again......look back and again i see my mate come up with a black eye...then his brother come up beind him with a bigger black eye.....the chav's seemed to be gone then the police came and everyone went either home or back to my mates girlfriends" - Kurt

After this we went our seperate ways, just as the police turned up.

The next morning I woke up to a string of messages and texts on my mobile. Moondog had ended up in De Ja Vu and had been busy telling people he was" The Ambassador" (obviously inspired by G's 'Baron' routine) and then biting them (obviously inspired by my 'being a cunt' routine). The doormen took to retaliating and he woke up covered in bruises and bite marks. Chesson and Stu etc wound up in Woolwich trying to gain entry to the only open drinking establishment, I'll let Stu News take over for this one:-

"We were found to be wanting in the respect of alcoholic substances. We found ourselves in the heart of Woolwich at midnight with no retailer of liquor in sight and a want, nay need, to further our intoxication. This was when we came upon a public house that seemed to still be open, yet bouncers adorned the door. With some local knowledge from the NEWS we ascertained this was the Woolwich Infant, a renouned gay pub. This, however could not stop our merry band in our quest for more merriness so, in we go, take aways at the bar....our plan was hatched. First we sent forth girls, Karen and Stef, thinking they would be the easiest recieved but they returned tail between their legs, unsuccessful. This was when we realised it was necessary for some of the men to go in, incognito. Andrew Sudlow and David Chesson promply shedded their manly garms and swapped T-shirts with some of the smaller members of our entourage. Andrew had a short hair cut that was dyed blonde and as he walked towards the establishment, he seemed a fitting choice. David chesson was wearing a tight tee-shirt and hair sprouted out just below the belly button. Luckily, in these parts, anyone not wearing Reebok classics and parts of a tracksuit could possibly pass for a lover of the cock and so they approached the door. They were greeted with tense probing questions such as, are you gay? To which dave would reply 'im gay as fuck!!' Finding this to be quite conclusive, the bouncers held akimbo the door to the den of iniquity and the job was practically over... they bought as many beers as their poultry allowance would permit and they were gone... The old in-out......featuring Daivd Chesson and Andrew 'Suds' Sudlow"

I do not encourage this kind of semi homo activity in the least, I was glad I just went home!


Don't forget http://www.violentintent.co.uk

You will hear more about this band!


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