This was the first part of a long trip for me - Liverpool - Livingston - Redcar - Manchester, I certainly put a few miles on the van in the space of about 10 days. Seeing as we had to be in Redcar on the Monday to start work on a spine ramp we decided to go to Livi, Liverpool seemed like a good stop off point and we picked up Lobster boy. Somewhere on the course of the journey (i think whilst being stuck in traffic around Birmingham) we decorated the inside of the van windscreen with post it notes, these then became useful for documenting our trip on.

Me and Parrott met up with Wingy and Lobster Boy at Rampworks and managed a brief skate, then it was back to Lobster Boys plush pad for a video watching session and to slap on some Brut. Our night was spent at the "Krazy House", if it wasn't called that it was something similar. It was a fantastic place with different music on each floor and was filled with assorted freaks, my favourites were the party of 'schoolgirls' who we watched dancing to the theme tune from Ghostbusters. I can't remember much of the evening, but somewhere along the line Woodley took a kicking and was left wandering round with a gash in his forehead. When everyone was getting kicked out I somehow got seperated from the pack. This left me in a rather bad situation because my phone was at the flat and I had no idea where I was, all I could remember was walking downhill, so I cunningly started walking uphill. On the way I got propositioned by a toothless prostitute whose image will haunt me forever, but somehow I walked straight back to the flat! I waited for the others for ages, I had a bit of a turtle head touching cloth situation and after waiting as long as I could, I had to release it into a flower bed over the road, two minutes later the others showed up.


Morning was not a pretty sight, everyone looked well and truly fucked, but we had a pilgrimage to make so eventually forced ourselves into the van. The journey was long and uneventful apart from when we broke down about 10 miles from Livi and had to phone Camo Pete to bring us fuel after we failed to steal some from a farm.. While we were waiting a man with a big ginger beard walked passed andwe laughed until the diesel arrived.


By the time we made it to Livi the party was in full swing and loads of familiar faces were present. The best entry award goes to Stu Graham who came hurtling round the bowl at mach 10, slid out and totalled Wigs camera tripod, as a result Wig looked even more unhappy than usual. The skating was crackers, the park was getting destroyed, main culprits Matthius Nylen, Belgian David, Russ Hall, Alan Rushbrooke. Trick of the day would have to go to Matthius for his f/s blunt in the bowl as pictured in Sidewalk. And then the rain started and it didn't want to stop, this obviously killed the skating but encouraged the boozing. Stu Graham instigated some violence, Matt Anderson downed a bottle of wine in one, Belgian David talked to everyone in French despite our efforts to explain we couldn't understand a word, the coffin with wheels was ridden into everything imaginable, Brewster lost the plot, basically shit went out of control. The police turned up and didn't really seem to know what to do, or where to start, so they just left.

Once again morning was not pretty, it was pissing down, a meet up was arranged at Sainsburys restaurant where everyone moaned about the weather and made plans to get home as soon as possible. Me and Lobster boy headed down to Redcar for a skate and some much needed sleep.

Livi is great, shame it's in Scotland, I'll have to have my arm seriously twisted to drive there again next year.

Joke of the trip:

A man goes into a fish and chip shop with a Cod under his arm and says to the guy behind the counter:

"Do you serve fish cakes?"

"Yes" replies the owner

"Thank fuck for that, it his birthday" replies the man