This picture says it all

The brief story: Got there, got fucked up.

The slightly less brief story (in no particular order): Drank a lot of Whiskey, then the Bear bought more so drank some of that too. Did belly spins on dancefloor powered by Prawny. Rugby tackled Prawny. Laughed at Rams new hairdo. Acquired a pikey gold chain from Chessons girlfriend. Broke the Sidcup Gold S and lost the chain, blamed G, only to find it tucked inside my shirt 10 minutes later. Got kicked in the balls very hard by G. Talked a load of gibberish to everyone I saw. Got dragged off stage onto my ass by G. Got punched in the face by someone, can't remember who, I think it was a girl because it didn't hurt much. Got drink poured down my ass crack by Stu News. Swore at everyone. Tried to dive between Tats legs on the dancefloor and ended up knocking her and her friend over. Boney G came dressed as the Baron again. Managed not to be sick all night, Tats didn't fare so well. G carried Tats home and ended up paying some boy racer a fiver to drive them.

Photos courtesy of P Horse and Elmo.

DJ Roddy doing a very good

windowlicker impression

P Horse the pimp and her bitch/gimp Yoshi Naylor

The Real Ram Shady - But Ram what if we win?

The drunken dance workshop proved highly popular

DJ Prawny looking a bit batty

Tats checking out the star of the show

(note Farahs, leopard skin pants, Hawaiin shirt, bling combo)

Mad Mickey and Fat Chesson

The trademarked belly spin

Drunken Nuts Grab

Tats in full effect


Thanks to DJ's: Roddy, Ram Shady, Yoshi Naylor and whoever else played and to Spam for booking the place and therefore skinting me. Also to everyone who came and resisted the urge to beat me up.

See you next time kids.