Cherry Tightslax - Rock star pose

By the time I'd driven from Redcar to Parrotheads I was well not up for turning round and heading back up to Manchester, however a promise is a promise. After a quick brew and a viewing of the ridiculously good PJ Ladd video we (me, Parrothead, Si Skipp and Benny Fairfax) set off. Si had managed to purchase some of the lowest quality weed i have ever encountered, it basically smelt of burning plastic and made everyone feel sick, this resulted in the unusual sight of a half smoked joint being ejected from the van window. Several hours of stupid stories later we arrived at Woodys house, our home for the weekend.

For those of you who don't know I suppose I should explain what this is all about, althought to tell you the truth I really can't be arsed! Day in the City is the brainchild of Phil Young, basically you get two days to film a skate video section and then a week to edit it, you have one filmer and one skater, you are also given a list of places to skate. I can't remember who sponsors all this but I think it's something to do with Sprite. Last year it was set in London, this year Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. The videos were given away free with Sidewalk mag. Is that ok?

Basically Parrothead was filming, Benny was skating, Skipp was dossing/smoking and I was the driver. The first day out was a bad start as I broke the windscreen of my van with my fat ass, and to make matters worse I was later stopped by the Police and given another fucking pink slip to get it repaired. Woody didn't fair much better, he broke his wrist on the first morning trying to do that boardslide that was on the cover of Sidewalk. The gnarly bastard didn't even bother going to the hospital because he thought the queue would be too long! I won't spoil Parrots section for you, but Benny did what needed to be done, he came up with the goods and demonstrated his pop skills. Somewhere during the day Benny clonked Kev on the head with his board whilst trying to flip some stairs resulting in a dazed Parrot. Find of the day was some car park on the outskirts of Leeds with made tarmac humps and loads of other fun stuff. I also got caught by the others taking a piss in a cup in the back of my van due to the lack of toilet facilities in central Leeds. By the end of the day the events of the previous week had caught up with me, so I left the others to hit the pub whilst I hit the sack.

On Sunday Benny wanted to go to Leeds again, we bumped straight into Greg Finch, Dan Leech, Munson, Wainright etc etc all at the same spot. Dan Leech was trying the most ridiculous wall boardslide off a fly off ramp. I didn't believe he was going to get anywhere near it, until Munson informed me that he'd already done it, and then I saw it with my own eyes, sick as fuck. Wainright also pulled some sick stuff out the bag, but I guess you'll just have to wait for the video to see it all. The day ended sitting on the terrace of a Leeds bar laughing at Munsons stories punctuated frequently with the expression "what a cunt" and a quick Borat impression. Munson never fails to entertain, if anyone ever organises a skateboard story telling competition I'd put my money on him to win every time.

When we got back to Woodys the man was nowhere to be seen, after a quick phone call we ascertained that he'd eventually made it to the hospital, they'd set his arm and dosed him up on painkillers so he'd gone out to film the rest of his section!!!!!

After viewing a comedy episode of Banzai and then being tortured by Big Brother, we said our goodbyes to the employed people and hit the hay. We eventually made it back to the big smoke sometime on Monday evening, my job was done, but Parrot's got a shit load of editing to do.



First stop of the day

Post it note commentary on the weekend


Pub fuel stop whilst watching models

The nearby scooter convention