My life is such a hectic social whirl that this weekend I had the choice of 3 trips:- Chins, Mattimal and the G-man were headed for Bug Jam, Weller and Manimal were talking about a trip to the Extreme games in Bath, and there was a comp at Revolution Skatepark in Broadstairs.

Me and my man Chesson chose the comp at Broadstairs option, which may not seem like the obvious choice but was definitely the right one.

The event was part of the Playstation Battle of the Parks series so there was a RollerBlade comp on the Saturday, obviously we had no interest in seeing this gay shit, so I chilled in sunny old Sidcup for the day and picked Dave up in the late afternoon. We got to the park about 5.30pm sporting our "City Boys at the coast" uniforms (sunglasses, pork pie hats and rolled up trousers) and were pleasantly surprised to see that all the rollerbladers had fucked off home for tea. We had a hectic (but brief) skate and broke some serious sweat, this more than got us in the mood for the forthcoming night out on the town/village. After a brief stop to pick up herbal supplies for the evening and watch the local news for coverage of the days comp we headed to our place of rest (floorspace kindly supplied by John from Revolution). After a few warm up drinks we headed out to sample the local public houses. First stop on our Route was a nice quiet family pub which was soon turned into a scene from Eastenders by a chorus of "Pat, where's Ricky" and "Janiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine" and my personal favorite "See that, that's my car lot, boy". I nicked a couple of vases of flowers and my 'tool' for the evening (obviously a tasty glass ashtray) and got Chesson a shot of Aftershock (which he looked like he really enjoyed!) and managed to persuade young Tim into a shot of Sambuca (this was harder than it should have been because the boy had decided to abstain from alcohol in the hope of skating well in the comp). Dave seemed to be overcoming his fear of doubles and we were well and truly on the way to being fucked up. By the time we left this joint we were all well into it, in the next place we started a game of pool but ended by hitting each other with the cues and knocking drinks over the table, which I think resulted in us getting booted off the table. By now I had lost the plot completely and on the way to the next pub a bout of hedge diving ensued. After a bet from Chesson (I think) I dived over a fence into a hedge and on climbing out got my foot stuck in the fence a crashed headfirst onto the pavement. Next Tim became the main victim of our aggression getting bundled into bushes left, right and centre, on one occasion I remember seeing just his feet sticking out the top of a bush. When we eventually made it to the pub we harassed some bitches and I cut my eye open (again) breakdancing. Somewhere along the line I gave away all my flowers and lost the vases too, however I still had my trusty ashtray.

I drunkenly approached the landlord and informed him that "I'm the daddy now,you slag!" to which he retorted with a query as to the whereabouts of my "tool" , to which I pulled out my ashtray and screamed "There's my tool, you slag!". (on waking in the morning I realised that this wasn't the smartest thing I ever did).

We headed off homewards stopping for a few bundles and hedge dives, therefore turning a 5 minute walk into a half hour punishment.

After a few bong loads we snuck off into the land of nod.

In the morning we got up about 8.30am and needless to say none of us were looking too pretty. I was convinced I'd broken a rib and Tim had a shiner. We grabbed a breakfast and headed to the park, skating was certainly not on my agenda for the day, so I volunteered for judging duty. Chesson opted for grabbing a few more hours shut eye in the back of the Sidcup GTI. There were more skaters at the park than I'd expected and the standard of skating was rad. The comp kicked off about 1pm and was run as a jam session with about 6 people skating at a time. The under 16's was a bit painful to watch, one guy kickflipped the driveway, but other than that no one seemed to make much. If any one of them had stopped trying to do 360 flips and just hit up some grinds or something they would have qualified easily. The over 16's was a mixed bag of skating styles and it was pretty much an open contest. Local man Toby dropped the vert wall and tore round the park with an old school style and aggression. Local maniac Bobby did early grab 540 over the jump box and aired the hip, he deserved to do well just for the amount of injuries he sustained. Dave Fisher did switch f/s flips over the driveway and a variety of big b/s ollies. A crew from Maidstone skated the place with a sheer street approach. One of them (Aaron, I think) broke his wrist, but not before lipsliding and smithing the handrail. Chesson dragged himself out of the car, and his skating got better through the day. At first he struggled to ollie the jump box, but he was soon putting together some nice runs, f/s 50-50 along and down the rail, huge f/s flips and the big finale a huge 360 flip over the jump box (nailed second try, much to my and everyone else's amazement).

And then it was over, Heidi who organised the tour bought us some pizza and off we went. Staying awake all the way home was a mission but when I got home I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face.

Thanks to all the usual Revolution bods as well as Heidi.


Thankyou for your time..

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