What a mixed weekend I just had, whilst skating in Broadstairs on Friday night I got taken out by some foolish kid resulting in serious ligament damage and an early retirement to the pub. After the pub there was a small run in with the local constabulary then a Borat watching session back at Dans. I got home just in time to get up again and head off to the VW show, my first waking thoughts were "oh yeah, it's my birthday" and "oh fuck my leg hurts I can't move". I'd failed to persuade anyone to come down on Saturday, so in my crippled state I had to carry heavy boxes of t-shirts upstairs, then I basically sat there in a semi dazed state all day whilst selling the occasional shirt. In the evening I headed up to West London to hook up with the G and whoever else was about, which ended up being Bear, Spam, Downlow Matt and Tats. Ram Raid was AWOL after heading off for a return visit to Southampton. I was fucked by this time, and still limping, so boozing wasn't really on the cards, we opted for a nice ruby, after a brief stop at Spams flat to exchange product/photos/comical stories. On the way home we spotted the hawky van you see below, we actually came back later to get the pics of it! After the traditional late night banter/piss taking/ speculation on the RAMs activities we all went to sleep at Spams.

Sunday started early and the sun was shining, we got to the show late and unloading the van was a mission, but after mouthing off at a few security blokes we got it done. Business was good and I sold a lot of shirts, UK GARAGE IS GAY WANK was a definite good seller, although a few garage heads took offence to it and it looked like we might get the kicking that is long overdue for us! In the afternoon Dan and Colgate Andy turned up from Broadstairs with female inflicted wounds (bite marks) and ridiculous tales of drunken mayhem.

That's it, I'll try and make the next story better I promise!

Thanks to everyone who bought shirts, particularly the guys from Buckshot Bike Co, G is particularly pleased with his "We aint leaving till someone gets hurt" shirt


The paint job on this Ghia was off the hook

..the gold engine was ok too.

I reckon this could beat the average XR2

A fine selection of crap bikes

That's what I call ICE - Playstation, TV, Video and Vodka

Go out in style - VW Hearse

This was the one I really wanted to steal

The most metal beetle I ever saw, G loved this one.

Show us your tailpipe

Colgate Andy models the legendary "Road Warrior"

Hawky van - front elevation (note Eagle illustration)

Hawky van - side elevation 1 (note Eagle/Spear/Buffalo illustration)

Hawky van - rear elevation (note Bear/Red Indian illustration)

Hawky van - side elevation 2 (note Bear/Spear/Goat Skull illustration)



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