I've got a few good stories to put on here, I'll even try and put some legendary Manimal stories on. Please send me your tales of beating recieved or dished out to


"Hi, I've read a bit of you site and it is the Muts Nuts. I've lived in sidcup all of my life and have never had any trouble b4. That was untill about 3 weeks ago when me and a freind got off of a 269 comming back from bromleyt at about midnight on a saturday. We went in to Dillons and i got a packet of cheese and onion crips. ANyway there were a group of about 4 teenager who must've been 17/18 wearin reebok classics and genuine pikey accessories. One ofd them called me a Goth (which i am not) So i sed back to him I bet u like craig david, which he wasnt best pleased with. Me and me mate got about 100 yards down the raod about up to somerfiled and These 4 teenagers + 3 BIG pikeys proceeded to beatt the shit out of us. We gave a bit back but eventually ran in order to avoid death. I got hamone and was covered in blood I had a hole in my chin where on of the cunts had punched me with a key in his fist. I needed four sticjes in my chin and was not best pleased. As I was highy intoxicated at the time i do not remember exactly what happened but the freind who I was with thinks that by the time we ran 3 of them were on the floor bleeding heavily. If it were not for the gastly injury i sustained it would have mad us 1 up against the pikeys. Just thought I'd send this in to u, u may use it on your site if u wish.

My name is Tom by the way. And again I'll say yer website is really cool.Someone told me about it last night in the wrong 'un in Bexleyheath. bye"


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