The year that was 2000:

My Christmas Work Party: Check out the freaks I am forced to work with!

Projects Christmas Bash: Back to Bristol for a night out, which looked doomed but came up trumps.

Clothes Show Live: Me and Chesson get away from the big smoke to Birmingham NEC.

Australian X-Games: Results from down under.

Emilio's Birthday Party: The resident Spaniard celebrates his birthday in style.

E's video premiere: it's a video with skateboarding tricks in it.

Board X 2000: Skateboarding, Alcohol and Strippers make for a good day/night out. (UNMISSABLE PHOTOS)

Bristol Trip: A quiet trip to Bristol, not a lot to write about, only really worth reading if you're truly bored at work.

Meanwhile Back to the Park Jam: Could this have been the last great day of summer?

Brighton Comp: Bank Holiday Monday at The Level.

Reading Festival: Rain, Mud, Monster Trucks, Grange Hill, Gateaux and The Stag.

Playstation Battle of the Parks Finals: At the Playstation Skatepark. After Party at Subterranea.

40 Degrees Trade show: Product fest with added vert ramp.

UBI Docklands Comp: Big money American backed stadium comp in London.

Urban Games: Free alcohol proves too much at this gathering of the clan.

John's Party: All the fools in attendance, chuck in lots of alcohol, a bit of drum and a lot of bass and it's a party.

Revolution Battle of the Parks Comp: Chesson and I make a run for the coast and come pretty unstuck.

Glastonbury: My humble opinion on this annual hippyfest.

Vans Demo in Croyde: A tale of sun, golden sand and a bunch of drunken monkeys on a holiday camp.

Bank Holiday Weekend in Newquay: Me, Matimal and Chins headed down for the weekend, skated, drank and those two homo's had a queer encounter.

New Years eve Snowboarding Val Thorens 2000: After 2 days in the plumbers van we eventually made it to Val Thorens for a new millenium week of snowboarding.



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