If you need a mini ramp building at short notice and no-one else can help you, and if you can find them, maybe you hire the A-Team........


I had a nice relaxing week planned, just chillin', head up to the Urban Games at the weekend, but oh no, the phone rings on Wednesday lunchtime and it all goes to pot. James from Sportsvision (organisers of the Newquay Boardmasters event) phones me, the guy supplying their mini ramp has cancelled and he needs a ramp building by Friday. I call up my partner in crime, Wingy and it's all go, wood is ordered, tools hired, clothes packed and within an hour we're on the road to Newquay. We arrive in Newquay at around midnight and collapse into the back of the vans for a few hours sleep. We're down the beach ready to start work at about 8 Thursday morning and work commences, before long our accomplices arrive, Sean, Evil Paul and Lobster Boy who we've tempted off of their holidays with the smell of beer money. Basically we hammer it until it's so dark we're in danger of nailing each others hands to the ramp, the others head off to the Red Barn for a brew but I am forced to retire to bed. The next day we're up at the crack of dawn building again and the ramp is finished by about 1pm, not bad time considering we built the whole thing from scratch. The monkeys headed off to Lizard Point for the rest of their holidays and Me and Wingy gunned it back to London for the Vans video premiere, job done. The next day I barely felt like I'd been in Cornwall, as it worked out I never even got to skate the ramp I'd built!


If you need a skate structure building, permanent or temporary please get in touch on or


Thankyou for your time.