Some random stupity

A real Happy Meal

How to get the Police round quick part2

Office Dares

How to make a woman happy

The five stages of boozing

Money saving ideas

Darwin Award nominations

Women Drivers

If you watch Big Brother this is for you

Someone angry sent me this

More Dirty Sanchez

Todays message

Some great jokes that Pea Horse sent me

Scooby Doos drug problem

A collection of crap tattoos

Excellent examples of stupidity/bad luck

More beer logic

Some phallic bits of nature

Yet more useless facts

Some crap gags Parrothead sent me

Some great sporting moments

How to be the funniest guy at work

Advice from Swiss Tony

How to write a decent complaint letter

What Men learn from Watching Porn

Some truly sound advice for you all

If men wrote problem pages

How to get the Police round quick

More useless facts

Anti Jamie Oliver literature

If you haven't seen this you must have had your head in the sand

Richard Whitely making a c**t of himself


Tyneside windows 2000

Geography of a woman

Someone spent a lot of time doing this

Something lost in the translation?

Comedy t-shirts to get you laid

Sex advice from a woman (to be laughed at then ignored)

If Star Wars was in Essex

New Courses for Women

Signs you've been in London too long

Things to learn from kids

A study of Beer and Sex

Hangover Ratings

Quotes from the 'perfect' woman (?)

The best chain letter ever

Partner consent form (word document)

Cybersex (?)

40 ways women fail in bed

Todays grammar lesson

Spread the Lords word

If it was a mans world

The new LA driving test

Dogs v women

One for the women

Things computers should say

Only in America

How to get rid of telemarketers

New vocabulary to learn

What would happen if men wrote for Cosmo?

Terms For Female W**king

What Not To Say When You Get Pulled Over

How To Deal With Smart Arse Bitches

Tips To Make You A Champion Lover

You've been there too long (one for Pritchard and the boyos)

Alcohol Warning

Some Useful Tips

How to lose your job

Women Drivers

If You're Ginger don't look at this

Possible Country and Western song titles

Are your mates w**kers?

Christmas Gift for Woman

Amusing Posh and Becks story

Are you Paula Yates Quiz

See a Big Wet Box

Wassup Movies:- Shalom, Losers, Grandma's.


Record Breakers

You don't know shit

Toilet Humour

Ghetto Exam

The best things in life

Star Wars Sexual Inuendo

Drinking Psyshology

The Truth About Micro Scooters

Olds Cool Mixing Studio

Blow Job Etiquette

The Scumbags Guide to Sex

See a Miracle

Improve Your Morale

The Truth About Women

Chinese Freestyle Rap

Monkey Magic



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