Read and learn (this could easily have been written by King)


What her drink says about her:

Drink : Beer

Personality : Casual, low-maintenance; down to earth.

Approach : Challenge her to a game of pool.


Drink : Blender drinks with umbrella

Personality : Flaky, annoying, ditzy, and a pain in the ass

Approach : Avoid her, unless you want to be her cabin boy.


Drink : Mixed drinks - no umbrellas

Personality : Mature, has picky taste; knows what she wants.

Approach : If she wants you, she'll send YOU a drink.


Drink : Wine - (Bottled not 4 litre cask)

Personality : Conservative and classy, sophisticated.

Approach : Try and weave Paris and clothing into the conversation. (Manimals perfect women)


Drink : Barcardi Breezer - Hooch

Personality : Easy; thinks she is trendy and sophisticated, actually has absolutely no clue.

Approach : Make her feel smarter than she is..............and you're in.


Drink : Shots

Personality : Hanging with frat-boy pals or looking to get drunk...and naked.

Approach : Easiest hit in the joint. Nothing to do but wait............(Pete Kings perfect women)



What his drink says about him:


Cheap Domestic Beer : He's poor and wants to get laid.

Premium Local Beer : He likes good beer and wants to get laid.

Imported Beer : He likes expensive beer and wants to get laid.

Wine : He's hoping that the wine thing will give him a sophisticated image and help him get laid.

Whisky : He doesn't give two shits about anything and will hit anyone (possibly with an ashtray) who will get in his way of getting laid.

Tequila : Piss off, all you wankers, I'm gonna go shag something with a pulse.

Barcardi Breezer/Hooch : He's gay.


Thanks to my friend Cathy for this one (if anyone should know about this stuff she should!)

P.S. I'm a Whiskey drinker ladies!


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