I suppose I should start by explaining how a useless fat c**t like myself got to go on the Vans UK tour, well basically it's because I've got a van and Alex (who was organising the tour) new that. So there you go, don't bother getting good at skating, just get a van and you'll get to go on tours, not only that, it doesn't cost you anything either!

I've tried my best to remember this, but I'm blatantly too thick to remember it all. If you're interested in skating have a look at www.vanstour.co.uk for some quality skate photos, as well as upcoming issues of Sidewalk and Document.


The tour line-up consisted of:


Vans team:

Eilio Arnanz - Spanish one man demo machine

Mark Channer - The person on the tour closest to being sensible.

Chris Pullman - Farah clad Welshman.

Mark Churchill - TV superstar who does big jumps.

John Robinson (went home after Radlands) - The Ogre like transition wrecker.

Dave Chesson - Fat sweaty injured waste of a seat in the van, looked closer to death than anyone.

Ollie Todd - ridiculously good, looks like someone out of every indie band in the world.

Dan Cates - Blue bearded Chas 'n' Dave fan, a real favourite with the kids!

Pete King (joined tour at Liverpool) -Too tall for his own good drunkard, general bad influence on everyone.

Chris Oliver (joined tour at Radlands) - Hyperactive ginger little c**t who always seems to be dirty.



Me (Nic from SIDCUP) - no comment.

Alex Weller - Tour organiser, in for a rough ride.

Tim Walker - Third Planet Camera wielder, well on the way to a nervous breakdown.

Wingy - Living Sid Vicious impersonator, likes crap music.

Wig - Sidewalk Photographer, loved every minute of it!

Kingy - Was supposed to be doing something or other but skated more than anyone else.

Ben Powell - Wicked Sideburns.

Christian Stevenson aka Homeslice - UK team manager, RAD presenter and general full on bro'.

Alan Glass - Filmer with a bottomless bag of Pastey impressions.


The minibus was seriously lacking bass!



My new dub powered Citroen Relay running on no brake pads and full of everyones shit

Hired Transit minibus crammed full of Monkeys listening to Chas 'n' Dave

Frasers mobile painting and decorating unit (ready to paint the fuck out of something at very short notice)




Here's how it went down as far as I can remember:


Day 1: Mount Hawke, Cornwall

Day 2: Skate and Ride, Bristol

Day 3: Radlands, Northampton

Day 4: Rampworx, Liverpool

Day 5: Bones, Bolton

Day 6: Livi, Scotland

Day 7: R-Kade, Redcar

Day 8: Playstation/Meanwhile, London



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