This was a bit of a last minute mission, which involved me missing a fair few hours sleep and doing more work than I like too in a morning. However this meant I secured an afternoon off work and was able to jump in the Revolution crew's motor bound for Snozone at Milton Keynes. Me, Dan, Andy and Tim (The Boy) talked, smoked and laughed away the reasonably short drive and when we got to Keynes the place was visible from miles away so it was easy to find!

The slope is inside a shopping centre sort of complex and it is quite surreal when you first see it, like something out of Blade Runner. It looked sick and everyone was visibly excited. After wolfing down a McD's, we paid our tax and geared up. It cost us about £22 for 2 hours, you'd be hard pushed to get a blow job for that sort of money and I reckon this was more fun. The slope is sort of divided into 3, a short beginners section, a long plain slope and a "Stunt" area which consisted of a jump, a small rail and a large tube raily thing.

I've only dabbled in the world of snowboarding, but I can do it without looking like too much of a c**t. My first few runs were seriously wobbly though, but soon everyone was chucking themselves about with some enthusiasm. It's amazing how many times you can slam in 2 hours. I think Dan was the first casualty with a hefty winding off the jump. Dan and Andy both ate it on the rails. I took a few beauties including shooting out the side of the ramp and landing on my fat gut. It was Tims first time on snow, and his overconfidence carried a price, he basically ripped his back to pieces. Dan and Andy both conquered the rails, but I'm a pussy so I didnt even try them. Dan chucked out some nice indys and methods, and I even managed to sneak out a couple in between slams myself.

As our time was running out we decided to put in a bit of an effort on the last run, which everyone did. However I got a bit over ambitious and, to cut a long story short, cleared the ramp Superman style onto my face! Luckily slope rules meant I had a helmet on, but I still hit my face and winded myself really badly. This resulted in 4 members of staff running on to my assistance and the jump getting closed. This provided amusement for the others who were dangerously close to pissing their pants. All in a days work for a fool like me!

And that was about it, apart from harassing the local barmaid for a while in the nearby bar. Repeat journey. Ache a lot for the next few days.

The point of this story is that everyone should snowboard and that Snozone is very good. If you go in the week it's cheap, and not very busy, well worth pulling a sicky off work for.

Check out their website:

Snow is good


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