As usual the day got off to a flying start (?) and we ended up leaving a good few hours later than planned (totally my fault for once). The crew for the day were: Me, G, Ram and King, with other members of the extended family already in attendance ie: Chesson, Emilio, Mattius etc The journey was as long and boring as any other, time was passed by discussing the usual topics such as drinking, skateboarding, and new nicknames for people.

At about the halfway stage we stopped at some services for supplies, this is where I spotted our new toys. On our return too the van I presented everyone with their gifts which entertained us for the rest of the journey. The were gayly coloured little rollerblades with sweets and toys in them, everyone was beyond stoked. Once weąd cleaned the sweets out there was an outbreak of aggressive fingerblading in the cab of the van, before conversation turned to the best way to destroy them (see upcoming feature Sidcup The Movie).

Presents for all!


And before to long we were in the right area, and began the routine of asking for directions. This proved highly entertaining as all the locals were inbred freaks and had ridiculously funny accents. I t didnąt help that Pete asked their help in the most stupid posh voice in the style of "I say, excuse me young lady, could you possibly help us" etc etc


When we got to the park it looked amazing, as you can see from the photos, and there was loads of people there. People destroying the bowl included Sean Goff, Munson, Emilio and Mattius (who is definitely not German). On closer inspection and following reports from various people it became obvious that the park looked a lot better than it was, apperently the transitions were hellish. It didnąt stop the afforementioned people absolutely killing it. Sean Goff had the speed lines going with huge f/s 50-50ąs round the corners and sick inverts over the spine. Emilio pulled a f/s blunt with ease and then b/s 360 indied the spine, which not surprisingly took a little more effort! He also di d one of the best runs of the day which included a b/s tailslide revert in the smaller bowl. Munson f/s 360ąd the spine despite the fact I tried my hardest to put him off by telling him that some bloke was laughing at him. He also took the Essex approach and stared out the spine everytime he didnąt land one. Mattius skated the best I have ever seen, he ollie blunted the tit, did air variations over the nastiest hips, he just ruled the place. The results were no surprise - 1) Mattius 2) Emilio 3) Munson. Prizes were handed out and product tossed by main sponsors/organisers Document skateboard mag.

Sean Goff, highspeed f/s 50-50

Mr Goff again - Spine invert

Emilio the Destroyer

Essex Man strikes back!




I managed to get a photo of Mattius smiling for once so I was stoked, this is a rare occurrence indeed! There was a best trick comp, but by this time my concentration was failing and I couldnąt tell you anything about it. Si Skipp also managed a head on collision and seemd to loose half of his face. As si traditional we stickered the few good looking girls that were there.


The Smiling Cockney Swede

Another good looking sticker victim, this one was known as "Mousegirl"


It was still quite early so we decided upon a trip to Bedminster before the long drive home. We had two extra passengers for the journey home ­ Chesson and Emilio. The session at Bedminster was a mellow one, but Pete managed a couple of comedy slams. After a feed and a stop at a shop staffed entirely by convicts we hit the road. The journey back was quite uneventful because we just got really stoned.

Sorry the skate photos are even worse than usual, new camera soon.



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