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An attempt at serious investigitive journalism

Agant Ram Raid's 'out and about' page (updated 9/7/02)

Sidcup Massive Glossary of Terms

Proof of our influence on the English language

Mart from Swanley cuss guide

You know you're a pikey when....

How to speak proper Kent pikey talk

Sidcup Car Customization on a Budget

Guide to becoming a GEEZER

Sidcup fight scene

Sidcup Boy Racer Personal Ad

Our Favourite Rude Boy Sayings

The Truth About Sidcup

The Truth About Swanley

Guide to Sidcup Fighting Styles

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Brutal "Your Mum" Cusses

Another famous tosser from Sidcup




True girl rollerbladers poems

Classic press cuttings

Embarrassing moments

Slightly dodgy stained glass window

Essex talk

Dodgy Rainbow scripts

Message from the boss

Shark Attack

New Zealand Bog Graffitti

The gospel according to man (?)

Mr Men that never made it into the books

The story of Fanny Batter

One of the best ads ever

Another Ibiza Album

More modern maths

Morning after a lesbian party

Snippets from the profanasaurus?

Stand up comedy basics

Stupid Wedding names

Divorce September 11th style

How do you know if a mute kid has tourettes syndrome?

T-shirts from Brixton




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