This started as an innocent trip to the chemist, but I saw these tablets that claimed they could make me thin again, I couldn't resist! My plan was to document my weightloss with photographs over the 2 week program just for gags. If these tablets do everything they say they do it would have been £6 well spent. Unfortunately things didn't go according to plan. From what I can work out these pills are basically like when they used to prescribe speed to fatties in the old black and white days, they're full of caffeine and all kinds of shit.

Day 1: I was in Broadstairs when I bought these, so I took one and went skating at the park, I felt no different, no lighter, although I may have been a bit more active than usaul, not really sure about that one. I took the second one in the evening, I ate a low fat meal, and I had excercised, but 2 pills down the line I was no thinner, in order for me to get results in two weeks surely something should have happend by now?

Day 2: I took my pills as instructed and by the evening felt somewhat shaky and had a bastard of a headache, in fact I generally felt quite ill. I then decided I was bored of the experiment and consoled myself with lots of cakes and decided to be happy with my fattness.

Yet again another unsuccessful attempt to loose my trademark gut.


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