I am sore, I am weak

From all this sweat I really reek A girl on the half pipe?

Get real, they say But who cares what they think?

I'll have it my way Every weekend I go and get better than the last

If you have a problem with me skating You can kiss my bruised ass

True, I bust a lot

And afterwards I don't look so hot

But that's okay, people say

'Cause I got something other girls don't got

Courage to get up there And try my very best

At least I am trying And that gets their respect

Yeah I'm a girl, a girl who skates

I got bruises to prove it And lots of aches

But for now I am trying my very best I hope you can see that

And give me some respect




Skategirls soar down city streets.

Skategirls leap railroad tracks and endure gravel paths as they seek mysteries behind darkened warehouses.

Skategirls strap powerbooks to their backs.

Skategirls are refreshed by the perfectly chilled Schweppes seltzer from the perfect vending machine on the side of the road.

Skategirls dodge floppy disks and fish heads on the streets.




What a load of gay shite!