The other day I was speaking to someone who said they couldn't understand half of the shit I write on this site, so here's a few translation for our slower/foreign/sheltered fans (most of this rubbish has been created by Prawny in a drunken state):

Hawk - freak, someone who looks or acts a bit unusual. This can be added to any other word in order to describde someone eg- oddhawk, fathawk, punkhawk, gayhawk, etc etc

Hawky - strange, weird, unusual.

Wolfy - Same as Hawky

Horsey - Feeling Horsey = Feeling ill/hungover

Sharky - dodgy, risky

Tubbing - Fucking, as in "Give her a tubbing"

Crackers - you know what this means but do you use it enough? "We got wasted last night and went crackers"

Off the hizza = Off the hook = crazy. eg " We went to a club last night and the bitches were off the hizza". Can be replaced by virtually anything if you are pissed enough - off the chord, off the cracke,roff the string, off the clock, off the strap etc etc

zza - In the the style of hip hops finest rename all your friends ie Brewster = Brizza etc etc. Can also be used for innanimate objects or anything else you want. WARNING: People will have no idea what you are talking about, for example dont go to a BR ticket office and ask for a ticket to Londizza (London) because you are likely to end up in Saudi Arabia or somewhere.

Emptying the skip = blowing your load - term for male ejaculation

Dropping off your sand - as above

Kicking the backdoors in - delightful term for bottom sex

rip 'ore...... ripper/slag

plumbers elbow - nasty wack/bruise on elbow region (so named after Trivetts ability to hit his elbow every time he goes near a skateboard)

conchy - hippy/spiritual eg: Trivett is a bit conchy.

thingy - what rude boys call stuff they don't know the name of. eg- Did you see him do that thingy on his skateboard.

Tell you old man that! - pointless catchphrase championed by Ram and G

Just for gags - title of stupid tv show on our plane to France, used at the end of any sentence eg: I'm going to go round my birds house and kick her back doors in, just for gags.

Look at matey/Look at my man - used to point out assorted tossers/freaks/rudeboys etc

'elmet - short for helmet, a useful insult "Shut up you 'elmet"





Many more coming soon


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