1. Excuse me sir

Oy yoooo kaaaant


2. Could you direct me to the town centre please?

Weeza faakin taaahn?


3. Oh my gosh, what is that over there?

Wu faakssat?


4. My boy/girlfriend has got a flash expensive car!

Me luvaz got un x r free I innit!


5. I don't like you much/you are probably my best friend!

Yu faakin kaaaant!


6. Can I please have one of of your cigarettes, as I've run out?!

Gissaa faaaag?!


7. And the point you are trying to make is?

An' wot?


8. The cost of that is one pound!

Paand, maate!!!


9. Come over here and sit quietly, sweet child!

Oy, Kylee-Billee-Jo-Anisha-Bob, git ova ear an sidan yu leeeal kaant, afor I faakin slapyas!