My memories of this evenings entertainment are a bit blurred to say the least, but I'll try my best to get them down. After having spent the whole of Friday and Saturday in the hospital (as a visitor not a patient) I was absolutely knackered but there was no way I wasn't going out. I jumped in the back of the Plumbers van and we were off, a few shot of Chessons cucumber Vodka later we were in Finsbury Park and ready to rumble. The next things all happened at some stage in the evening but exactly when and why I couldn't tell you.

Everyone got excessively drunk

Manimal had extremely Chinese eyes and stumbled around grinning a lot

We made some cocktails in the kitchen from wine, gin, cranberry juice and whatever other shit was around. We got Chesson to drink most of them, we also got him to drink from a bottle of white wine loaded with chilli sauce.

Brewster did his usual routine of drinking a couple of beers and collapsing onto the bed, only to be jumped up and down on by Mini Robinson

Everyone slapped my gut and threw beer on me (as usual) and Manimal slapped my baldy head extremely hard

Wingy threw me through the fence and caused major damage to my elbow

Weller pulled some frantic MC'ing out of the bag

There was a group bogle

Me and Guy threw ourselves down the stairs, Guy managed to get a few good rolls in, before hitting the bannister

Stu News sat in the garden and got cained

I saw a girl take a piss in the street

We sang a few verses of "Barry fucking wants it, Barry fucking gets it"

Tomatoes got thrown about in the kitchen


There was probably a load more but I can't really remember a lot of it that clearly. All I know is that I woke up on Matts kitchen floor feeling very pasty indeed. I had the best intentions of going to the Meanwhile comp on Sunday but ended up rotting in bed all day. I dare say that I wasn't the only one that felt like death, but it's a laugh isn't it?


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