I spent Friday night and Saturday in Broadstairs with the Revolution crew, Gibb from Revolution sums up the days before this event in one paragraph:

"The weekend of the finals could only be described as a hectic one. After a good night out in Broadstairs for preparation, we decided to leave on Saturday for the first of the two day event. Dan and John (owners of Revolution skatepark) both left early in the morning so they wouldn't miss anything, and to greet our team at Playstation skatepark. Myself and the Massive left late in the afternoon as we both had to recover from the self inflicted (and aided) abuse of the night before. We eventually pulled into the Sidcup hood around 7pm and the first thing on our minds was how to entertain ourselves for the evening. After numerous phone calls, a quick kip in front of the telly and the sickest, largest Whiskey I've ever had, we decided to go out to this Irish bar with a guy in a tanktop/vest combo thing (Bob Trivett), which should have given me a clue as to where the night was heading! Now this was probably the most boring of Saturday night venues I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. In fact the only highlight would be the overwhelming sound of "Coz I'm a pimp aint I " and " I'm a geezer" coming from Nic whilst clutching his belly and waving his silver crown medallion in the air with a great deal of pride. As amusing as those antics were, it may not have been the wisest of things to do in front of some ones girlfriend and asking her to check out ya' gut! I believe the response from her boyfriend included the words bullet, and head. After a quick bifta in the streets of Sidcup, we headed off to get some rest for the comp next day."

After that terrible night out I woke in the morning with a fuzzy head, which could have been a lot worse if we hadn't talked ourselves out of going to the Venue. I got to the park just in time for the comp, Chesson was already there nursing torn ligaments in his knee and getting pretty stoned. My first impression was that the park wasn't particularly busy although a lot of people were skating, there wasn't that many spectators. I put this down to the fact that it takes a special breed of person to want to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon under a dirty motorway flyover. Rusty (Chris Oliver) was destroying the course with nose-grinds down the hand rail and nose blunt slides across the block, everytime I see him skate he seems to get ten times better. Other stand-outs were Woody and Justin Parker.

This was a team event, meaning each team had a certain amount of time to session the course. It was a weird format for a comp and it was hard to know where to look. Brewster was on MC duty and kept every one motivated by calling them faggotts every time they slammed or bailed. Unfortunately I missed the Revolution teams run because I was off filling my fat gut. I saw the rest of it though and seemed very hard too guess who would win. Things I remember were some young guy ollieing off the big quarter at the back onto the floor, Terrence doing some difficult shit effortlessly, Woody boardsliding the big rail and 360 indy over the jump box, Tom Crowe killed himself as expected, got up and managed a huge f/s indy. The Bristol team emerged victors, their run was chaos and included one head on collision decking both skaters involved and one total knock out. They each got a wad of money and a Playstation2 and walked around smiling for the rest of the day.

Next up was a best trick comp sponsored by Adidas with a prize purse of £1000. It was for the best trick over a coffin type thing placed on the driveway. Everyone set about ollieng it and doing stuff onto it. Danny McCourt noseblunt slid up and over it (look closely above) and Woody backside lipslid it. People seemed to be taking it surprisingly easily bearing in mind the money inolved and it looked like the nose blunt slide would take it- Step up Mr Chris Oliver. After a few attempts and one snapped board this Ginger freak pulled out a huge kickflip over the whole thing. I cannot explain how fuckin' rad this was, absolutely unbelievable. It was decided to split the money between Chris and Danny McCourt, £500 each. Personally I would have given £500 to Chris and £250 each to Woody and Danny McCourt, but I wasn't judging so who gives a shit.

After the action I headed up to Meanwhile for a little skate with the Broadstairs boys and to watch Manimal absolutely rule the place. This park is amazing and if your in town you'd be mad not to have a little skate there. As the sun went down thoughts turned to the party at Subterranea.

We splashed on a bit of Brut and headed in. Heidi was flowing the free beer (in the form of 4 pint jugs) and I could see it was going to get messy. A band whose name I can't remember played, they were seriously good and got the party hyped. There were plenty of little sluts and drunken skateboarders around, and everyone was having a good time. There was some seriously bad dancing going down, mostly myself and the Broadstairs crew (who were never spotted without a beer jug in hand), although everyone there was putting in a good effort. The musical theme for the evening was hip hop, which is my chosen style. The classics were flowing left right and centre. By the end of the night the Broadstairs crew were the last standing/dancing. And then it was over, we sat outside and filmed some drunk video footage before heading back to the comfort of my Sidcup castle.


And that's your lot, same again next year!


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