This is likely to be the most boring story that you've ever read in your life and I really don't even know why I'm bothering to write it. The plan was to head down to Bristol for the weekend, skate at the park, go out on a mammoth bender and for Pete to shoot some footage for the Reaction video. However the night before I stayed up most of the night and was also sick, needless to say I wasn't too psyched for the mission that laid ahead. We had the best intentions of leaving early but when your plans include Pete "Night Owl" King you may as well give up on that idea. I got round the mans house about 2pm and he was, as usual, eating his dinner. After picking up Chesson we ripped round the M25 to Heathrow to pick up Sam, our camera wielding companion for the weekend. I think we eventually got to Bristol about 5pm and headed straight to Skate and Ride, where Pete set about trying to get some shit down on video, but to no avail. After getting close to enough ill tricks, the man had to admit defeat. Pete King 0 Reaction Video Footage 0. We all had a little skate, Chesson hurt himself a bit more and then we retired to the bar to watch that video with the Danny Way life story thing (sick) and the Mike Vallely wrestling (gay). After kerb crawling round the city centre for a while and finding a deluxe hotel for the evening we headed out on the town. This is where my story of the evening ends, I went back to the hotel for a much needed sleep while the others headed off to some Drum and Bass do at a club called Trinity. I was woken from the deepest sleep at about 5am by a large amount of drunken shouting from the hallway. The crew were back and a little the worse for wear, surprisingly after a few minor tussles and some mild verbal abuse everyone actually went to sleep. Chesson decided to get up and drunkenly stumble around the room, kicking me in the gut in the proccess and eventually disappearing into the bathroom for about an hour banging stuff and generally making loads of noise. In the morning I expected the bathroom to be trashed, but the reality was somewhat different, Chesson had for some reason placed one glass of water in the centre of shower tray and one on the floor in the middle of the bathroom. Chesson has no memory of this, or no idea why he did it, but it took him about an hour! A definite case for Mulder and Scully


We were planning to go skate at Bedminster and Lloyds on Sunday, but it was pissing down, so we wnet back to Skate and Ride. Pete tried, once again unsuccessfully, to shoot some video fottage. Todays impossible trick was nollie to switch f/s 5-0 to revert in, obviously being of the homosexual persuasion he landed on it a good few times but never rode one out. Even healthy amounts of abuse from me and Chesson couldn't make him do it, so he gave up. Chesson took a beauty slam by hanging up a 360 flip fakie and diving straight onto the waiting floor. After a chill in the bar area we all decided to call it a day and head back to the big smoke. The passengers relieved the boredom of the journey with a tranquilising smoke and that was that. Not a particularly eventful or exciting weekend I think you'll agree!


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