On Saturday 2nd December everyones favourite Spaniard celebrated his birthday. All the monkeys assembled at Playstation as the day turned into night. The birthday boy arrived and set about destroying the mini ramp with help from Manimal, Fraser, Wingy and more visiting Spaniards. Our merry bunch skated the night away before heading to the pub to be forced to watch Manimals Unabomber video part over and over again (John, that was a joke, don't hit me!). One notable exclusion from the crew was Pete "The Sleaze" who is currently exiled in Australia.

After laughing at tales of Brewsters sexual mishaps for a while, I drove off on a beer run with T and Dave Robinson, this beer run somehow turned into a mission from hell, resulting in us arriving at the party ages after everyone else, who was there waiting for their beer. Now the scene is set, let me tell you what I remember of the evening:-


Wingy did a very convincing impression of a dancing midget

Mattimal went crazy

Chesson looked like a Heroin addict

I shot some people with a gun that fired wine corks

I wore a crash helmet and got hit over the head by everyone

We watched the Quiksilver Marseille comp video

Dave Robinson talked absolute gibberish

Wingy and Matt performed some spectacular podium dancing

Matt headbutted me and rammed me into a wall with the helmet on

Matt attacked me with a big stick

Matt attacked everthing with a big stick

Matt broke a lot of things

I had a shooting competition with a Spanish girl, which I lost

I threw the Spanish girl in the bin

Matt threw a wine cork in my eye at very short range

Me, Matt and Parrothead threw a very heavy punchbag at each other

Matt broadcast his arse, knob and my belly on the web cam

Matt got told off by his girlfriend


The End, thankyou for your time and patience


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