After BOARD X on Saturday we headed up to Leicester Square (getting absolutely soaked in the proccess) for the premiere of the eagerly awaited E's video "MENIKMATI". Tickets were a bit of an effort, so thanks to Mr Mark Munson for sorting me one out.


Was it any good? yeah it was pretty sick, but I doubt it will go down as a classic. I'm sure people with have different views, but here's mine, if you don't like it "fight me!"


The best sections were Arto Saari and Bob Burnquist. Saari skated at mach 10 with some serious style. My brain was battered with far too many handrail tricks to comprehend including a massive f/s boardslide and a b/s noseblunt slide (think about it). Burnquist truly f**ked with my head, too much to try and take in. There was switchshit everywhere, some Livi footage, a bit of street skating. Trickwise it was all amazing, including a run of ridiculous flip tricks back to back, a large 360 flip fakie (no grab), alley oop f/s nose grind revert and the list goes on and on. The Tom Penny section was a "best of" and will undoubtably add fuel to the fire of his legendary status, it included some good old Radlands footage. Kosten, McCrank and Creager all had good sections, although I hate to say that they were not remarkable. I know there all sick but I thought there sections would be better, but what the f**k do I know? I had never seen any footage of Rodrigo TX before, but his section was mad and even included a "WASSSSSUP", which was a bonus. There's a cool stupid trick section at the end, with everyone having a bash, Creager pulls the winner though (I won't spoil it, but you'll know it when you see it).

All in all it's a good vid. It's well filmed the skating is amazing, it's also got these little intro's with the skaters speculating about what they'd be doing if they didn't skate. On the downside the music is gay!

Definitely worth watching

Probably worth buying

Definitely not in the same league as Public Domain, Video Days or Shackle Me Not.


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