Pete "The European" in full demo mode

top: B/S air

bottom: half cab mute

Sergei Ventura leaving the Earths atmosphere

top: B/Smute one foot

bottom: big ol' method


I have to admit that I didn't really spend much time here so there's not much I can tell you about this event. I had planned to go on Saturday but it hadn't started so I spent Friday and Saturday chillin' in Broadstairs with the Revolution massive (Thankyou to John and Gibb for the floorspace) and I didn't go on Sunday because I was at the Playstation comp. My only chance to go was Monday morning before I started work at 2pm. After a heavy night at the Playstion party the night before, this was no easy task. The Revolution Massive had spent the night in my hood sleeping in their surf dudes VW bus so I jumped in with them for a lift to Earls Court. Pete had already told me the deal with the place so I knew what to expect, this is not a skateboarding event, this is an industry event which just happens to have a vert ramp. The skaters assembled for demo duty included Sergie Ventura, Pete King, Ali Cairns, Dave Allen, Sean Goff and Renton Millar. When I was there everyone looked the worse for wear after a free alcohol party the night before (which was amusingly held in a gay club). I didn't get to see much skating but what I did see was sick, as you might expect from these cats. I was told that the skating had been rad but that the crowd sucked. If you enjoy hours of looking at product this is the place for you. I amused myself by laughing at "extreme sports dudes" and ridiculous scooter contraptions. This is definitely an excellent event for the British Skateboarding Industry but unless you can acquire a pass easily I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you want some free stickers it's worth going as well!


Sorry this story is so shit!

If I'd written this for a school project the teacher would have put "must try harder" on it.


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