DAY 5 >>Bones, BOLTON <<


After a quick cruise around the town with Homeslice and Weller we commenced the brief drive to Bolton. It was really nice not to have to drive for hours and we even got there early for the demo. Everyone decided to eat at one of the moodiest cafes I've ever seen, I opted to go for pizza with Emilio. Pete later told me that his plate had turned up covered in what could only have been mud!


Fat Chesson 360 flip late flip (ridiculous)

Bolton park looked amazing, big bowl, 2 mini ramps and a masonite floored street-course. Due to the fact that my leg's absolutely fucked I knew that I wouldn't be able to skate every day and this was one of the days I had to sit out due to pain. It meant that I did get to see most of the demo for once though. Mark Channer pulled an amazing b/s flip over the driveway to flat, and then Rusty did the same frontside. Churchill blasted some huge tranfers. Emilio had been looking forward to skating this park all week and went appropriately crazy. Olly was as impressive as usual. Pete pulled a very nice f/s 5-0 to fakie out of a quarter into a bank. It was a good day!



In his infinite wisdom Weller had decided that we could have two nights in Edinburgh, however this meant driving there after the demo. This prooved to be a bit of a mission to say the least! I think we eventually made it there at about 11pm. Sleep wasn't on the cards though, everyone wanted out after spending the evening couped up in the vans. We hit a pub, then Homeslice persuaded us all into some live music cellar/shithole. Here we met our guides for the evening who were absolute freaks (1 male, 1 resembing a female), they looked like rejects from Linkin Park. They baited us with tales of a heavy metal club, I was hooked, but some of the others took more persuading. The club was a proper shithole, and the music was piss poor. Churchill managed to wrangle his way onto the decks and dropped a bit of Maiden while everyone rocked out. Top metallers were Homeslice and Weller, although to be fair everyone put in a pretty good show. It amazed me but we actually managed to stay there till the end, and when the music stopped we taunted the DJ with the tour cuss of "You're fired".


Homeslice in the mosh

Scary Scottish Rock Chick

ntil he passed out. After quite a long calming down period everyone went to their rooms. I'd just closed my eyes when the fire alarm went off, it was now about 5am and I knew instinctively that it was something to do with us. I stayed in bed as long as possible, but the alarm keeped going, eventually Homeslice persuaded me that we should probably evacuate. I came out the room just as Cates emerged from the room opposite, some old lady came out her room and shouted at us "If I find out this was you lot I'll bloody kill you!", before I could say anything Cates responded with "Fuck off you old bat!" and then pissed himself laughing at her. Everyone assembled outside in the cold, except King, Chesson, Rusty and Olly who taunted everyone out the window with "Ha Ha Ha it was us you c**ts, there's no f**kin' fire!". Indeed it was them, they'd been blazing up and it had set the allarm off, resulting in a 600 room hotel being evacuated and the fire brigade turning up. It was a bizarre scene but very amusing. While everyone else stood around I just got into my van and went to sleep.


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