DAY 1 >> Mt Hawke, CORNWALL <<

I've called this day 1 because it was the first demo day, however my ordeal actually started on Friday. I met Weller and Matt at Third Planet and impressed them with my vans freshly installed sound system before loading it up with product etc. We then headed down to Playstation to meet up with the team, however virtually none of them were there. The word was that everyone was chillin' at Meanwhile, it was definitely the weather for it, so we headed up there to join them. There was a mellow session in progress with all the usual faces killing the place - D. Robinson, J. Robinson, Emilio, Fraser, Tubbs etc. Gradually the team started to assemble, predictably the last to arrive was Chesson.

We packed the van up and herded the team into the van, on the spur of the moment Fraser and Tubbs decided to come along in the painters van. And so off set the 3 van convoy...

We drove down to some hotel near Bath with the Dub blasting and passed time by throwing stuff at each others vans and flicking people the bird. By the time we got to the hotel everyone was pretty fucked, so after a brief drink and smoke everyone crashed out.


DAY 1 for real

Wingy Vicious riding/falling off the roof

A flying ginger monkey

We got up reasonably early and hit the road, early phone calls from G-money and Matt (who had got up at the crack of dawn to catch up with us at Mt. Hawke) indicated that the traffic was absolutely fucked. Sure enough we hit it and boredom soon set in. Roof riding, passer by abuse, hurling shit at the other vans all played their part in keeping us sane. Thanks to the football shirt wearing Kev's that pulled up next to us and dished us beer. After numerous piss and food stops we eventually made it to Mt Hawke....

Manimal and Churchill tried to conceal their gay love affair but

Tim caught them on camera trying to hold hands during indy grabs


Hysteria was the only way to describe the scene as the van convoy pulled up. There were kids everywhere begging for products or autographs, it was absolutely insane! One kid threatened to smash the lights on my van if I didn't give him a sticker, I didn't have any stickers so I threatened to set him on fire and he soon f**ked off. This really opened my eyes to what skateboarding is like these days, loads of kids didn't even watch the skating, they just hung round the vans trying to get free product, it's fucked up.

product hungry little f**kers


I couldn't really tell you a lot about the skating in the demo because I was skating the mini ramp, but judging from the cheers it was pretty good. It was absolutely boiling in the park, so the demo probably didn't last as long as it could have, and everyone was keen to eat and get to Bude (where we were staying) for a big Saturday night out!


We popped into Mt Hawke village to grab some tucker, and were once again harrassed for product (I was beginning to see a theme developing!). I made a kid like some dirty pot of shit that had been on my dash for about a week, in return for a shitty sticker. We gave then some grief and left.

After a brief drive through the Cornish countryside and a particularly nice coastal road, we arrived in Bude. Our hotel (which wasn't really a hotel, but some kind of "extreme" activity centre thing) looked like a bright orange castle and was located right in the centre of town. We had a quick scrub up and slapped on a bit of "Hai Karate" and headed to a bar recomended to us by the local skaters. It was packed, and got even busier when a load of Elvis lookalikes turned up on push-bikes.

Everyone set about getting slaughtered as quickly as possible, but Prawny was one step ahead of everyone else. Somehow everyone got talking to some minging blonde slut, and next thing I know Prawny is persuading her to take a run up and kick him in the arse. After a while she did it and was taunted with "Is that the best you can do? Kick me harder you fuckin' dirty whore!" by Matt. This went on for ages, much to the amusement of everyone there. Next up, I lay on the floor while Matt kicked me in the stomach, don't ask me why. I'm sure there's so much more shit that happened, but I can't remember it, but it's all on video thanks to Tim.

Next we hit up a club, Wingy got in fight while we were queing up but somehow still managed to gain entry. The club was cheesy to say the least, but it would be fair to say that we made the best of it! The bar staff were abused and everyone in there was taunted with the now legendary battle cry "Do you like bass!".

It all got pretty messy from then on in, people gradually drifted back to the hotel. Apparently Manimal puked and passed out under my van. I stayed in the club til the bitter end, I went outside where I found a sweaty Chesson growling to himself. I pointed him in the direction of the hotel, but he refused to believe me and insisted I walked him to the door. I did as he requested and on arrival at the hotel he promptly fell over and smacked his face resulting in a fat lip. In the hotel the others were busy taunting young girls, attacking each other with a hoover, jumping in the pool etc etc. I got locked out so slept in my deluxe van. Oh I forgot to mention that some massive bloke started on me because he thought I was staring at his arse!


Day 1 over and out....


Day 2