DAY 7 >>R-Kade, Redcar <<


I slept so well that by the time I got up everyone was outside waiting to go. Apparently Weller had been getting vexxed about getting everyone moving, so I apologise for my part in that. The drive to Redcar was another mission from hell and we ended up getting there well late. I walked in and the place was like a zoo, it was huge and there were about 500 kids there. I don't think anyone could believe it!

This park was amazing (see the website: and I will definitely be making a trip back there at some stage. I hate skating in busy places, but had to pull my board out for this one. They cleared the course and the demo got underway. Everyone performed for the crowd, too many tricks to even start listing. My favorite of the day was Channers b/s smith on a big ol' block, but a definite mention for Chessons huge 360 flip fakie on one of the quarters.

The owners/staff were the friendliest of the tour, they even sorted us out free food and drink which was definitely appreciated! Cates got absolutely mobbed for his autograph and the product toss was in a different league from anything I've ever seen!

People died!

Cates got mobbed


After the demo all the kids got kicked out, we got bought beers and everyone chilled and had a mellow session. A tight quarter pipe got a right seeing to, the highlight was Rusty ollieing into it off the barrier. You have to have seen it to believe it, but it was absolutely ludicrous. He also did a 360 flip off the barrier to disaster into the mini ramp. No-one really seemed in a rush to leave and we ended up staying there pretty late.


Stone cold chillin'

The original plan was to stay in Coventry, but due to our late departure Weller managed to change our reservation to Nottingham. After a very tastey curry at a local establishment we hit the road once more. I think we made made it to the hotel at about 2am, and after an amusing interlude with some blonde bint and her man, we crashed out.

Day 8