DAY 4 >>Rampworx, LIVERPOOL <<

You're all fucking fired


After my missing keys turned up mysteriously (ie some c**t had hidden them, undoubtably Chris Oliver) we bump started my van (flat battery due to puping tunes at Mkt Harborough) and commenced the drive to Liverpool. This was the first place on the tour that I'd never been before, and I was really looking forward to it, especially as the park was supposed to be amazing.

We cruised into Liverpool in bright sunlight and I was well surprised how nice it actually is. We drove through a few ghettos but basically it's a really nice place. When we got to the park there was no-one around, I wandered in and was amazed by what I saw, it remeinded me of when I walked into Wakefield skatepark many years ago. The place is fuckin' huge to say the least. There's 3 mini ramps for starters plus a huge street course and a beginners area over the back. Kids started turning up, but it was obvious this wasn't going to be a busy demo, so I thought I should manage to skate. After many phone calls to give directions Pete eventually turned up fresh/f**ked from a trip to Finland. I didn't really pay that much attention to the demo again, but I saw Emilio do some rad transfers and Cates ollie in off the big vert wall. I skated the mini ramp loads because it was the nicest one I've skated for ages.


Pete chucks his sweaty vert knees into a feeble grind

Mandatory Teamshot


On the way to our hotel we stoppet at a legendary local spot called the "Police Bank". No-one really knows what it is or why it's there, but it's outside a Police station and they go past all the tie taking no notice of skaters! The local boys Olly and Kingy ruled from the start. We stayed there for ages until once again food and drink called!


Olly b/s tailslide, may well be to revert or shove-it.


On arrival at our shitty Formula 1 hotel I impressed the staff by trying to drive my van into the reception area. Everyone piled out the vans dirty, sweaty and clutching beers. It wasn't a real shock when the manager refused to let us in! Out we all went while Alex and Homeslice dealt with the manager and then back in we all went. The local boys herded us to a vegetarian eatery where the women went crazy on us for filming and the mad on me because I wanted some food. Despite the initial hostility it was a nice place and the food was great. We hit up a bar that looked like a set from a Bollywood pornfilm. I don't think anyones heart was really in it and it turned out to be a relatively early night.



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