DAY 3 >>Radlands, NORTHAMPTON <<

Obviously after a night of no sleep, a long drive was just what I needed. I drove to Radlands in a zombie like state and promptly fell asleep in the van as soon as we got there, despite the fact it was about 1000 degress inside. I didn't see any of the skating but apparently everyone went off. Manimal was going mad because he'd now had his board stolen. (This happens a lot to John, it was no surprise to anyone when it turned out that he had in fact left it in the boot of Lunns car!)

I didn't see this trick or any others, but I

know it's Mark Channer doing a flip to wallride.


After my sleep in the van, which was disturbed inumerable times by little f**king kids wanting more stickers, I felt a lot better. Manial went home, and Chris Oliver arrived.


"Oi, look up there it's that bloke from supergrass

chucking out stickers"


Traditional Cates Farewell


When the demo was over everyone was up for spending some time outside in the sun, so off to a little skatepark in Market Harborough we went. It's a strange seventies horseshoe affair with a block on top, and it's in the middle of nowhere. Olly killed it with some tailslides, and Chris did an evil looking ollie transfer. In a bizarre chain of events, Chris slammed and fired his board out into a parked car, thus smashing its headlight. A women came out shouting and demanding to know who did it, but we all fooled her by saying we didn't know who did it, even though I was dying to grass Chris up because I knew he'd do the same to me! Next one of the BMXers who was there obviously decided he didn't want the same thing to happen to his beloved VW Golf (which turned out to be his mums) and set about moving his car. Somehow he managed to reverse over his mates mountain bike, ruining the bike and ripping all the front off his car. The grand finale was persuading some kid to bomb his moped round the park and jump it out the end, to a huge cheer and round of applause for us. Also a special mention to the young girl who was obviously a bit off her head, she would bomb into the park and jump out of the block bit landing onto grass and invariably slam into the ditch, it was very very amusing.

Wallop, Pullmans gone down

It was a nice end to the day and we ended up staying for ages, only hunger pulled us away! Our hotel was right on the outskirts of town, so we ate and cocktailed in TGI's. I was still exhausted so I headed to bed pretty early, I was awoken some time later by everyone taking helium and shouting their heads off. Apparently Cates did an amazing Mark Churchill impression.


Day 4