DAY 2 >>Skate and Ride, BRISTOL<<

Predictably everyone was in quite a state and enthusiasm for going to Bristol was low, Skate and Ride, to be fair was the worst park on the tour. It's small and dirty and there's no real street course, although the vert ramp there is good.

The drive there wasn't too bad, as far as sitting in a van for hours on end goes! There were only a handful of kids at the park, so the demo was fairly low-key, however Manimal and Emilio tore the bowl to pieces. The kids at Bristol were obnoxious and product mad, I wanted to hurt them all. I always kill myself skating there, so I opted to decorate the minibus with a large "Cates is gay" slogan, which I think he liked! Everyone was pretty keen to head out of there as soon as possible, so that's what we did. Manimal headed off with Lunn to check out a big concrete park under construction just outside of Bristol, he later described it as the English version of Marseille (so it must be good!).


Manimal guides his huge head through a bowl lipslide


Next stop: >>Bedminster<<

I'd never been to Bedminster before, but due to general tiredness/hangover I didn't bother trying to skate. I did however get an ice-cream and sit and watch some great skating. Olly and Kingy ripped the park up. The trick of the day would have to have been Olly's cab kickflip thingy over the hip, which I think he made first go. Channer also pulled a beauty flip to fakie over the same hip. Emilio went nuts as usual. Even Fatboy Chesson rocked a nice 360 flip over the hip.

Weller was telling me that he had "The Fear" about how bad our hotel was going to be, and he was right! It was the kind of place that the Eastenders would have stayed in, in one of their special episodes where they all go on holiday to Southend together. It was all painted bright pink and one of the rooms had a shower in with a glass, which meant that everyone else in the room could see you in the shower!

Everyone was stil f**ked from the night before so they opted for a meal a smoke and an early night. However I made the wrong decision and met up with some friends and went to a Drum and Bass club, recieved a beating, and ended up staying awake all night!

Day 3