DAY 8 >> Playstation/Meanwhile, LONDON <<


This was a punishment of a day, we had to get up hell early and drive back to London. I was a bit pissed off that it was all coming to an end, but more pissed off that I was going to have to drive for hours just to get to Playstation. Weller woke me up my hammering on the side of the van and he looked pretty bummed. He set about trying to clean up the minibus in order to return it to the rental co, he looked like a man on the edge so I offered to wake everyone up and try and get them moving. Everyone was f**ked and getting people up was no easy task. Morale was low and there was some serious apathy amongst the crew. Once we were on the road and the sun was shining everyone cheered up a bit, except King who opted to sleep in the back of my van and woke up periodically to complain about the amount of bass and ask me to turn it down (he eventually offered me a sweatshirt as a bribe which I doubt I'll ever get!)

I didn't really watch much of the demo at Playstation due to general dossing around and a little mini ramp skate with G and the ambassadors for the Revolution massive (Respect to them for actually making it out of Thanet for once!). The skating was supposed to have been good, but I doubt it was as good as nearer the beginning of the week!

And so off we went to Meanwhile, the sounds were raging courtesy of the Red Bull Land Rover, The Mic was getting rocked courtesy of MC Marky "One Can" Brewster , the barbecue was firing courtesy of Chef Corky, and the bowls were getting destroyed by the usual suspects. The weather was ok but not boiling and everyone settled in for a mellow afternoon/evening. Manimal and his bro' Dave were killing the place. Dave pulled a huge f/s mute from middle to deep later in the day, which is one of the sickest things I've seen done there. Fraser and Tubbs gave everyone some special Essex boy encouragement including the much quoted "Go on, pedal it!". Emilio probably said that he wasn't going to skate but went nuts anyway and Neil Kirby styled it.

The ogre with a big melon (no, for once I'm not talking about the size of his head!)

And here's Manimal doing his OTHER trick ha ha



As evening turned into night most of the Vans team drifted of to there homes/place of rest but the real hardcore losers (myself included) planned one last piss up! Word got out that it was Aussie Steve's birthday and he was at Babooshka (probably spelt well wrongly) so that's where we headed. The drink flowed, we talked a lot of shit and a few people got a kickin' outside.

"Let's rock DUDE!"

After time was called there, we decide to head right into town and hit up some rock club Pete had been to before, he said it was terrible so I knew what to expect! Sure enough, it was very bad, but when you've had a few brews you don't really care. As you can see in the pic above Chesson was sporting the tour denim waistcoat (that Rusty had lifted from a service station somewhere en-route), if I had been sober I would have realised this was asking for trouble. Anyway after an hour or so the joke had worn pretty thin and I was starting to realise just how tired I was. Weller was up for going so I left with him and Pete.

However some people don't know when to call it a day and Chesson was later spotted puking into his own drink and also recieved a minor beat down from some serious rock dudes, although as usual he can't remember it!


That was it, over and done with. To say it was fun would be an understatement, but it did nearly kill me.





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