DAY 6 >>Livingston, SCOTLAND <<


The temperature drop in Scotland was noticable, however it wasn't raining and that's what mattered today. Livi really isn't a standard park by any means so it's a harsh place to have to do a demo because the locals have got the place wired. However Emilio took to the place pretty well, f/s blunts and b/s tailslides in the concrete half-pipe are no joke. The place was packed and everyone was skating well. After a trip to the local Macs with Pete, I got back in time for the product toss in the bowl, kids really were prepared to die for that shit!


The Spaniard, f/s ollie blunt.

We hung round for a while, and I managed to have a little roll round the park . That bowl is seriously harsh, and after having a ride round it definitely made me appreciate how gnarly some of the footage I've seen there really is.


Chesson went in for the kill

(himself as usual)


We made it back to the hotel pretty early and got scrubbed up for a night out. We ate at a pretty cool cafe and arranged to go to the Bongo club. However this didn't really happen and it ended up being just Me, Weller, King, Chesson and Tim. The club was cool and the band were amazing. It was a good night, but I could soon feel my eyes getting heavy. Homeslice had gone home to do some 'extreme' TV appearances, so I had a room to myself which I'd had the sense to keep quiet about. This was to stronger pull for me so I headed bak to the hotel and crashed. Apparently the others ended up in a Salsa club populated by hot chicks.




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