Real name: Nic Powley

AKA: The Real Fat Powley, 5-bellies, The Gut, Nic from Sidcup, Jockie Wilson

Career: Graphic/Website Designer for O.G. Mac Graphics

Role in Life: Self-destructive loud mouth idiot.

Special Moves: Getting beer thrown over me, getting my gut out, having my gut slapped by everyone, hurling myself down stairs etc.

Favorite Sayings: "I'm old, and I'm fat"

Favourite Superhero: Big Daddy

Most Likely Theme Tune: Anything by the Fat Boys

Funniest Story: Getting my head shut in van door

Favourite Food: Cakes and Biscuits

Likely Spottings: Sidcup, Revolution Skatepark

Distinguishing Features: Busted up nose, Pot belly.

Real name: John Robinson

AKA: Manimal, Nonimal (after losing the ability to speak or move due to weed consumption), Yettimal (whilst snowboarding), The Link (as in "the missing link"), The Hands, Blockhead,Culture Guy (now surpassed by all other names), Lion-O (as in Thundercats), Kinky John, Grohn (short for grumpy John, name applies when John gets in a mood about not having any weed), Ikea John, Ogre, Oaf, The Living Soap Opera,Saltbeast.

Career: Works at Slam City, never-ending ambition to be a pilot.

Role in Life: Stoner and walking condradiction.

Special Moves: Backside reverts, Starting fights, having "Chinese eyes", obsessive sunbathing, destroying the new Meanwhile park, being able to recognise any kind of plane from 100 miles away, shopping at Ikea, always going skating with at least 5 changes of clothes (all in sperate carrier bags)

Favorite Sayings: "I'm moving to America", "I'm becoming a pilot", "I'm giving up smoking weed", "We've got to go back I've left my wallet/ pads/ board/ brain/ legs" (only to find that it was in his bag or the boot of the car all the time), "Someones nicked my wallet/ pads/ board/ brain/ legs" (only to find it 5 minutes later, exactly where he left it), "You can just f**f off Powley"

Favourite Superhero: Manimal (obviously), The Incredible Hulk, Lion-O

Most Likely Theme Tune: Theme from Baywatch, Golden Brown by the Stranglers

Funniest Story: Whilst involved in a pub brawl John was attacked by a girl with an ashtray, who he promptly hit. It turned out that the people he fought were his housemates best friends. Also split ear open on a radiator whilst trying to attack Weller in a drunken rage.

Favourite Food: Concrete

Likely Spottings: Meanwhile, HSC,airports

Distinguishing Features: Ridiculously large and square head, 365 day a year suntan.

Click Here to see footage of the Manimals pulling technique

Real name: Dave Robinson

AKA: Mini Robinson, Minimal, Youngimal.

Career: Student

Role in Life: Silent psychopath

Special Moves: temper tantrums, eating glass, chronic indecision ,sympathising with everyone and everything.

Favorite Sayings: anything"college is good, yeah really good, nah its shit."

Favourite Superhero:

Most Likely Theme Tune:

Funniest Story: Eating a glass for no apparent reason, taking out Danish girls like skittles, putting Deep Heat on his dick for a bet, recieving hideous hair cuts from Brewster on more than one occassion.

Favourite Food: Glass

Likely Spottings: The Wanstead area

Real name: Matt Naylor

AKA: Mini me, Mattimal, Prawny, DJ Yoshi Naylor

Career: Graphic/Website Designer

Role in Life: Slapping five bellies

Special Moves: Pushing Mongo style, going hyper-active/mad,

Favorite Sayings: "You got blappsed", "Ave that!"

Favourite Superhero: The Hair Bear Bunch

Most Likely Theme Tune: Just The Two of Us (Austin Powers version)

Funniest Story: Too many to name, smashing plastic glasses on his head at the Board-X party, resulting in nasty head injuries and getting chucked out.

Favourite Food: ?

Likely Spottings: Meanwhile, Bexleyheath, Sitting next to Dr Evil, Humping Lasers.

Distinguishing Features: He is only half the size of most people and has Liam Gallagher eyebrows

Real name: Paul Trivett

AKA: T, Bob, The Plumber, Chins, Cheeks, Escargot Head, Beckham (due to his tendency to wear bad sleeveless tops)

Career: Plumber

Role in Life: Laying pipes and making music

Special Moves: Sweating and laughing to himself

Favorite Sayings: "What's happening my man?","That'll be 100 mate", "Does someone else want to do some driving?",

Favourite Superhero: Animal CHIN

Most Likely Theme Tune: "Who ate all the pies"

Funniest Story: The Gay Invader

Favourite Food: Pies, Red Meat

Likely Spottings: plumbers merchants, in the background at parties.

Distinguishing Features: Has a large quantity of chins and bigger cheeks than a hamster

Real name: Pete King

AKA: The European

Career: Vert skating maestro

Role in Life: Skating vert, smoking and womanising

Special Moves: Lip Tricks, talking very loud, Anything that begins with "Alright girls"

Favorite Sayings: "Handsome", "Hello, Hello"

Favourite Superhero: Don Juan, James Bond

Most Likely Theme Tune: Anything by Barry White, Mr Loverman by Shabba Ranks (?)

Funniest Story: Too many to mention, mostly involving getting into ridiculous drunken situations with women.

Favourite Food: Pussy

Likely Spottings: Playstation, European Vert Comps/demos, anywhere where there are sluts

Distinguishing Features: Rosy red cheeks and a severe lack of stubble for someone of his age.

Real name: Dave Chesson

AKA: Cheeson, Davey, Check me out.

Career: Works for the filth

Role in Life: Getting beaten up and losing things whilst drunk

Special Moves: See above

Favorite Sayings: "MATE"

Favourite Superhero: Bruce Lee

Most Likely Theme Tune: Everybody was Kung Fu fighting or "So you want to be a boxer" (from the film Bugsy Malone)

Funniest Story: Got badly beaten up cos he wouldn't give some kids a fag. Recieved a broken wrist, black eye, and almost got thrown off a motorway flyover.

Favourite Food: Pork, Bacon

Likely Spottings: Northumberland 'eath

Distinguishing Features: Usually has at least one tooth missing


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Real name: Guy Williams

AKA: The G-man, G-money

Career: Farmhand

Role in Life: Looking like a surf bum and acquiring product.

Special Moves: Getting wound up, poking people, getting over-excited and breaking stuff.

Favorite Sayings: "Barry fuckin' wants it, Barry fuckin' gets it", "Have you got any Gateaux?", "G likes the blondes, and the blondes like G"

Favourite Superhero: Anyone who owns a Monster Truck

Most Likely Theme Tune: Surfing USA by the Beach Boys

Funniest Story: The tale of Barry

Likely Spottings: Monster Truck rallies, Drag Racing, on a farm

Distinguishing Features: Australian Surf Bum hairdo, Good guys wear black belt buckle.

Real name: Alex Weller

AKA: Wellermal, The Claw

Career: PR dude

Role in Life: To drink the Red Stripe

Special Moves: Talking intensley, falling asleep and getting covered in boot polish

Favorite Sayings: "nik nak noo"

Favourite Superhero: Any heavy metal band.

Most Likely Theme Tune: Anything by Lee Perry/ Any bad heavy metal

Funniest Story: Busted up ankle caused by a bout of drunken aggressive street dancing

Likely Spottings: High profile networking parties, at skate comps sporting a vest and ACDC bandana.

Real name: Mark Brewster

AKA: The Brizza, Ol' Dirty Brewster, Bruce, The Pervert

Career: IT know-all

Role in Life: Aquisition of material possesions particularly trainers

Special Moves: Getting drunk on one pint, Manual roll variations, Blunts.

Favorite Sayings:

Favourite Superhero:

Most Likely Theme Tune: Back Door Man by the Doors

Funniest Story: Tales of injuries received whilst doing girls up the wrong 'un

Favourite Food: Survives on a healthy diet of smut

Likely Spottings: Public Toilets, School Discos

Real name: Kevin Parrot

AKA: Parrott Head

Career: Skate Park worker

Role in Life: Videoing stuff

Special Moves: Pulling ugly birds

Favorite Sayings: "She wasn't that ugly/fat/hairy/smelly/manly"

Favourite Superhero:

Most Likely Theme Tune:

Funniest Story: Various tales of ugly girls

Favourite Food: Millet and Cuttlefish

Likely Spottings: On the floor somewhere, Playstation Skatepark, The George in Wanstead.

Distinguishing Features: Looks uncannily like a parrot

Real name: Stuart Hopper

AKA: Stu News, Kebab Stu, Stu the Greek, The Milkmans son

Career: Student

Role in Life: Being a Mong

Special Moves: Getting cained and becoming incoherrent and abusive. Losing fights.

Favorite Sayings: "So what?", "Whats the beef?", "it's obvious innit"

Favourite Superhero:

Most Likely Theme Tune:

Funniest Story: See Stu News

Favourite Food: Doesn't matter but he'll make a lot of noise eating it

Likely Spottings: Bexley'eath, Erith, very rarely makes it out due to being such a stoner mess.

Distinguishing Features: None really, he looks like every other kebab shop owner.

Real name: Chris Oliver

AKA: Rusty

Career: Cobbler

Role in Life: Pissing people off

Special Moves: Being ridiculously good at skateboarding, eating to many sweets, getting dirty, being smelly and ginger

Favorite Sayings: I don't know because I can never understand what he's saying

Favourite Superhero: Alvin the Chipmunk

Most Likely Theme Tune: Theme tune from Alvin and the chipmunks

Funniest Story: Recently got punched out by Craig Smedley for being seriously rude to him

Favourite Food: Half a ton of sweets

Likely Spottings: I don't know, but if you see him coming head the other way.

Distinguishing Features: He is a freak

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