Meanwhile Gardens Elkstone Road Westbourne Park

I got to see the new Meanwhile park for the first time the other day, and it is absolutely amazing. It is built on the site of the orignal meanwhile park which dates back from the early 70's, it's part of skateboardings national heritage. Despite the fact that Manimal and Matt had been raving about it for months I hadn't been over that way for ages. I'd seen it under construction but that had not prepared me for how ammazing it was.

view from the deep end

view from the shallow end


It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be but the transitions are about average, not too tight. It basically consists of 3 bowls in a row with hips going from one to another. The top bowl is about 3 foot deep and is a rounded off rectangle shape. The second bowl is about 4 foot deep and is round with a little pump bumpin the middle. You need this bump to get speed, but it also has the ability to chuck you off, especially when travelling fakie.The bottom bowl is various depths, between 5 and 6 foot, it's huge and has got a big pump bump in the middle. The coping seemed pretty much perfect to me and the concrete is about as smooth as concrete gets. You can almost forget your in the middle of the ghetto when you're skating here, but I've heard it can be a bit nasty down there, when I was there the worst thing that happened was some big fat hefer woman getting her huge arse out over on the grass. Apparently there's wicked session there almost every night, it's The Manimals new lair.


John R blasts a fat one over the hip

(Photo scanned from SWS, because my camera's crap)


All in all this is one sick spot, I never thought I'd see something like this get built in London, let's hope it starts a trend. If you like trannies and hips you'll love this shit, just ask Manimal and Minimal. This is the perfect spot for a summers evening session. Check it out soon, because I'd hate to take a slam there on a cold winters day!

Also if you like this spot get your arse down to Marseille as soon as humanly possible, you won't regret it!

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I'll get some pictures on here asap.


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