"Hi, I am the G, I am a serious extreme sportsman, listen to my crazy tales of excess!"


Arrived in France with the R.A.M, unpacked all our belongings and then was informed by Prawny that we were in the wrong room. Moved location, chucked our shit in and hit the turps. Upon entering the first bar we announced the arrival of the Sidcup Massive and that all the Frogs should pipe down or else get the knuckles. We were in the Aussie bar when Sidcup and "OH No" turn up. Full crew accounted for, time to go off the hizzar.



Cant remember much more of the week, basically flying down the mountain, the flying bear, and the flying queer, fat chicks and the double midnight express burger highly recommended if you're in Chamonix (unless you are in a room with the bear and his beargas).

As normal we took care of business and got fucked up. Ram won the unnofficial best slam comp .


The R.A.M. not a man to be messed with!



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