Below is the kind of grief what I have to deal with on a daily basis:


Temptress said:


I was looking at your bemusing site. I too am from the delightful town of Sidcup, but have since moved up the property ladder into Brixton. was looking at the page titled The Truth About Sidcup. Thought I might point out in my infinite wisdom that it is actually shit to say that no famous people have lived in Sidcup. One of them is Steve Backly, the crap blond althete wanker. I think emma noble,James Major's ex-shag, was too. another is Christopher Marlowe, who was a famous author. Whether you've heard of him or not means little since you're probably illiterate fucks. : hence the naming of the two ugly office buildings near the station. Go to this url for details on his life and mysterious demise. next time you see a classy bird in the Hogs Head wearing chunky leather knee high boots, wink at her, cos it might be me. and then I'll know to kick you in the nuts.

This was my response:

Nice slutty e-mail address, I like it.

Obviously our definition of famous people is slightly different, I meant famous people that people have heard of.

Steve Backley lives/lived up near the Whitehouse roundabout near Danson Park. I can't remember the name of the road but he lived opposite my mate. Anyway it's more like Bexley there. And who gives a shit about a javelin thower.

Emma Noble is just some slag who gets her tits out(which aren't that great) and wears whorish see through dresses. Sidcups full of slags like that. Oh yea she fucked the ex-prime ministers son. I think her 15 minutes of fame are well and truly over.

As for Christopher Marlowe, I can't even read so I don't give a shit about that fucker.

You don't have to worry about me winking at you in the Hogs Head, cos if you've got leather boots on I'll be winking at you anyway, I'd probably pinch your arse as well. And seeing as you're going to kick me in the nuts you may as well spank my butt and give me a golden shower too.

That Marlowe geezer was born in Canterbury, studied at Cambridge, lived in London, died in Deptford. So what the fuck has he got to do with Sidcup?

Also I don't think Emma Noble even lived in Sidcup, she just wen to school here.


Nic from Sidcup


Temptress replied:

That's it, be as offensive as you possibly can. luvly.

ok, well whether you give a shit about literature or not, I don't give a monkey's arse. Christopher Marlowe was a famous author, and he lived in Sidcup for years. the url I sent didn't actually cover everything about his life. People have heard of him, just not illiterate faeces-caked pigs trotters like you.



Well that told me for sure, I don't know why I feel the need to be so rude, I think it's because I'm insecure about my sexuality. Anyway it's funny as hell that some famous bloke who lived in Sidcup for a while died in a pub fight in Deptford. The website says he was hit with a blunt instrument, I'll put money on the fact it was an ashtray.

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