I'm not sure how all this happened, at aguess it was the work of Zac, Fraser and Jay Dog, all i know is that I got a text message saying there's an end of summer barbecue at Meanwhile. In typical fashion the weather had been fine but turned out shitty o n the day. Loads of people turned up, most of them skated, some ate from the barbecue, some drank, everyone had a good time. Tom and Dave entertained everyone by trying to air out the bottom bowl over the stairs and onto the flat, Tom actually landed on one, both ended up limping. We kept skating way into the darkness but eventually made it over to the pub.

I'd like to thank Jamie for pointing out the woman with the very hairy arse who was bending over behind me and reduced us all to tears, later we realised she'd been stealing Joes bag while we all laughed at her butt! Later Fraser decided to give me a particularly hefty slap round the neck, I retaliated by giving him a rather nasty bite to the neck. The evening ended the same as so many others with a drunk Dave Robinson offering to fight every one in sight.


The brothers Campbell and Wingy


Jamie Dring and Tom Crowe


Tom killing himself as usual, while Richie captures the moment



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