Alrighty, for those that you don't know me my name is Mark Brewster and I have lots of pairs of shoes. This might seem stupid or a waste of money but I actually have a pretty damn goodreason for owning as many as I do, which I'll go into later. For those of you that do know me then, ok, this might seem a bit 'check me out' or 'what the fuck are you doing taking photos of all your shoes'. Well fuck you.

So I suppose I'd better give an explanation. I don't know where my interest in shoes came from - I remember I came runner up in some Etnies 'design a shoe' competition back in 91 or 92 and being a skateboarder I've always been a little fussy about what I have on my feet. It's weird, I know a lot of other skaters (you know who the hell you are) who are into shoes, its just that Ol' Dirty Powley wanted me to come up with a page for this site about my shoe collection, so here it is.

I only just started calling it a collection in the ast year or so. I'm not a serious collector or anything - like I'd never spend 200 on a pair of shoes, but if I do see a pair of shoes that I like, then I have to have them. It's as simple as that. And, unfortunately for all you anti-capitalists, I've been giving Nike a whole load of money recently as they've been doing a damn good job of coming up with some jiggy designs. I usually buy one pair a month, sometimes two, on a rare occasion I bought four in a week. I tend to wait for the sales as well - most of the shoes I buy have been reduced or bought 'on the cheap'. If I see an opportunity, I take it.

On top of the shoes I buy, I have a shoe sponsor, DC, through skateboarding. I get 2 pairs a month and usually get a say in what shoes I get. The good thing is that if I go down to the warehouse I get to choose exactly what I want from the stock that's there, and sometimes I might be lucky enough to get a pair of samples or a rare colour that's come in. All respect is due to my team manager Gunner for that one. Another plus is that I get to see all the designs and colours for about 6 months in advance. Hence a steady stream of shoes comes in every month. Even though I get two pairs a month for skating, I can destroy a pair of shoes in a week, so its not like have a huge mountain of skate shoes just piling up.

My alltime favourite shoe is the Adidas Superstar (or shelltoe, as it's usually known), particularly the hightop version, which goes with damn-well anything. As well as the hightops, I've got lowtop standard ones and ones with the strap, called Proshells, which I originally saw back in Brighton in '95. Adidas have been concentrating on their 'Classics' line and reissued a whole load of models. I've been waiting 6 years for this damn shoe. I even tried to order a pair from a place in Germany. They fucked up the order, and luckily I didn't get charged anything, so I just bought them when they came out over here.

Other notables are the sample DC Rick Howard 2's, which never made it over here due to low demand. The colour I have never even came out in the states so I'm stoked on that one (cheers to Gunner at NDUK for that one).

Click a shoe to see it bigged-up. I haven't included the 5 or 6 pairs I have for skating in, as they're a bit worn. Since taking the photos, I have about 20 new pairs, so I suppose it was an utter waste of time. There are some good ones in there, some stinkers and some gems. Check the camo flip flop courtesy of JWS. That shit just blends right in, fool!


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