When I woke on Wednesday (?) it was blue skies and fresh snow, I headed up the mountain with the good guys (Manimal, Youngimal, Binimal and Engy). Off-Piste was the dish of the day, and it went down well. We went on some mad long runs, we lost Dave for the day on one of the early ones and I hit a submerged rock and flipped myself. It was an amazing day and I was grateful to Jah for blessing me with such dope snow. In the evening Manimal was keen to practise his bowling, and Dave demonstrated that he had inherited his brothers non-skill at bowling. In a shock result Mattimal was defeated by the wrecking ball skills of Aussie Steve

I got up the next day ready for another day like the one before, but it just wasnt goin to happen, it was blizzard conditions. I headed out with Steve, Tim, and Fraser. It sucked, you couldnt see more than a few feet in front. We struggled through a few runs but were back down by 2. I promptly fell asleep, when I woke up I went upstairs just in time to see Matt cleaning his puke off the floor. They'd been playing drinking games all afternoon. Next up Wingy chucked into a saucepan and Matt gave himself a chocolate spread "Dirty Sanchez" ie Pooh Moustache.

We headed out to a bar where we heard a band were playing, they claimed to know all the classics, bullshit, they knew Dire Strraits. Wingy sported a classy fake moustache and Matt sported his "Sanchez". We mostly laughed at bad dancing Euros all night.