Hello Nic, well it's seem's you've ruffled someone's feathers! haha!, below is something Pritchard has asked me to forward to you, anyhow, speak to you later

Simon, The Stimulus


Hello boyo's, how are we?

Like your site, it's very funny, Simon (from The Stimulus) told me to check it out. I liked it all, but as for the Croyde write up, what do you mean Matt Davies {Wales}, Dainton {Wales}, myself {Wales}, Greg Nowick {not from Wales} I hope your not saying that because I'm the team manager for Globe shoes I only look after Welsh riders. If you look at all the other UK skate teams, you'll find that the teams are almost 100% English. This suggests to me that it's the English are so selfish and brain-dead that they think they are the only people living in Britain. If you look at the globe team we have 4 English riders, 3 Welsh riders, 1 Scottish rider, 1 Swedish rider (haha!) and we're currently looking for an Irish rider. If everyone in the UK skate industry looked as far a field as Globe, then it would be much better for British Skateboarding. Anyhow I look forward to your reply.

Later, Pritchard


Although my site is meant to be moderately offensive, this wasn't one I'd intended. There was no racist undertones to my comment. Please console Matt with the fact that I've got no problem with Welsh people at all. And his point that if everyone looked for riders all over the UK things would be a lot better is too true. The site is not a commentary on British skate politics (because I've got no interest in it), and personally I wouldn't care if everyone on Globe were gay lovers who lived in the same house in Wales. Hope that clears things up.

Later, Nic from Sidcup


hahaha!!!! Nice answer, I'll forward it to Matthew now, mind you the comment about British skate politics was a bit intense for someone who will 'bust your moustache!' As I know Matthew wasn't concerned with politics more that you disliked his sheep shagging ways!

Anyway I hope we're all friends again.

Simon, The Stimulus


I forwarded your reply to Matthew and he liked your reply, especially the part about if everyone on Globe were gay lovers who lived in the same house in Wales!

Coz they all do! haha

Simon, The Stimulus



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